Our body is not invulnerable to dark spots. In fact, you may have them on your hips, legs, and back even now. You feel un-pleasure and embarrassing when you find out these dark spots on the visible sections of your body which cause severe hitches in your daily life. You should first examine your spots by yourself whether they are getting larger or they hurt you. You would need professional medical help if it turns out that they are beginning to hurt or grow abnormally.

If you observe no growth or widening of the spots, then it is now safe to turn to home remedies to get them removed. Identify the specific parts of your body where the dark spots are and perform a deep massage on those areas. Use vitamin E oil for the deep massage. Massaging the oil would best be done before bedtime because it takes a while for it to take effect and leaving it on overnight would do the trick nicely. Another home remedy you could use to lighten dark spots is using lemon juice on the dark spots. Morning and nighttime application of fresh lemon juice all over your body, concentrating on the dark spots, would be a good ritual to have.

Lightening the dark spots could also be accomplished by the application of aloevera gel at nighttime. It can also protect you from the harmful rays of the sun if you apply them in the morning before you head out. Take precautions and always bring an umbrella along to use when the sun gets too hot. Even if you are out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, if you rub some aloevera juice into your skin, you wouldn't have to worry about getting harmed.

You can make a mixture of one teaspoon of onion juice with two teaspoons of vinegar and then you can apply it on the dark spots of your body during night time and wash it off in the morning. You should use a piece of cotton to apply this mixture on the dark spots. Do not throw any watermelon rinds away after you're done eating them, since they have also been proven effective as treatment for dark spots. The dark spots could also be treated using horseradish. Just make sure that you let the horseradish - which you've sliced thinly beforehand - soak for thirty minutes or so in milk.

You must also ensure that you are using very healthy and necessary diet with full of fiber contents. Increase your intake of vegetables, particularly the green leafy varieties. Lemon juice could also be added to some oatmeal and the pulp of a tomato. The result will be a consistent paste that you will then apply on the dark spots. Take a little of the paste and apply it directly on the dark spots. That will help the lightening process. Do not restrict yourselves to vegetables, though. You should also eat fruits to add to this. If you hope to have a really healthy diet, make sure to add fruits in your daily intake.

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