Skin burns are one of the commonest damages to skin that can happen to anybody, anytime. You can burn your hand while cooking in the kitchen, or by accidently touching boiling hot water in a bathtub. Excessive amount of heat and exposure to the sun can also cause sunburn on the skin. Then of course, other kinds of accidents causing direct contact with fire can also cause burns.

Burns can be small and big, superficial or deep. And depending on the extent of the burn, it can cause little or a lot of pain.

Thankfully, there are some simple home remedies for burns that one can make use of, in order to cure them quickly. One of the most readily available things in every kitchen is vinegar. This can be diluted and applied on the burns 2-3 times a day to ease the pain.

Another simple home remedy for burns would be to apply honey over the burns. This is sure to end all the pain without leaving any scars.

Coconut oil has wonderful healing properties, and comes in very handy when someone is suffering from burns. Not only does its application help in reducing the burns, but also helps in removing the scars and marks after the burns are healed.

One of the most effective instant home remedies for burns is to put the affected area under a stream of cold water, such as under a tap, and then following it up by applying an ice pack. This instant first aid helps a lot, and prepares the ground for quick recovery later on.

If you happen to get your hands on fresh aloe leaves, then it is a good idea to open them and apply the sap on the burns. This sap has wonderful tissue-healing properties that will cure the burn very fast.

Another one of the good home remedies for burns is to apply lavender oil. It has antiseptic properties to help burns recover faster, and also helps in reducing the pain and discomfort.

Many people believe that applying toothpaste on the burns also helps to reduce the pain and the burning sensation. Toothpaste being cool works very well, if applied and left overnight. Soaking a flannel in whole milk and then applying it to the burns also works very well.

Minor burns can easily be cured at home. However, if the burns are very big in size or number, then it is important to consult a doctor. Doctors classify burns into first degree, second degree and third degree, based on their extent and severity. The third degree burns take the most time to heal, and may require application of ointments as well as consumption of oral medication to cure them.

It is best to wear cotton clothes, if the area with burns comes at a place, which comes in direct contact with daily wear clothes, such as on arms, legs etc. Wearing nylon, synthetic, net or other kinds of harsh clothes will cause more irritation on the burns, and will give an itching sensation.

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