We like to think with age comes wisdom and life experience, and so many things to pass on to the generations to come. All this is true and worth enjoying. But age does bring its challenges, too, along with a body that’s weathered the years, the stress, and the toxins we’ve absorbed from our food and environment.

The problem is these toxins can, over time, help the formation of plaque in your brain tissue that can trigger degenerative diseases like dementia, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

What can we do to fight the bad stuff that happens over time? A lot, actually. Exercise and healthy eating are the two main ones, and they’re within our control. The same goes for the health of our brains, and steps to improve mental health and improve brain function overall. With just a few simple changes to your diet and activities to stimulate your brain, you could be well on your way to sharper focus, better recall, and good brain health.
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