25% of the population in California is facing difficulties related to obesity, consuming unhealthy food as a result of our fast lifestyle has had an adverse effect on the present generation. Any amount of cholesterol above 240 mg/dl is considered to be fatal to human health.

Consumption fatty food and an inadequate amount of physical exercise leads to cholesterol build up in the body, which is the root cause for many fatal diseases such as stroke, heart attack, and peripheral artery disease.
The excess amount of cholesterol is built up in our blood vessels, reducing the blood supply to the body, as a result, causing fatigue and laziness

Ways to manage problems caused by High Cholestrol:
Regular exercise and healthy diet: Cutting down on fatty food and exercising regularly can help in consuming the excess cholesterol and turning it into energy. Consume foods and vegetables that have fewer calories, avoid sugary drinks and follow a strict diet.
Stents: This a medical procedure to remove blocks caused by cholesterol build up. Patients are advised to undergo an operation to insert stents in the coronary artery to avoid a heart attack, but this is an expensive and elaborate procedure which is said to have many side effects in the long run.

Udvarthana: This is considered as the most effective method to treat obesity. It is a special weight loss treatment that follows unique massages, using herbal power and oil. This method does not have any side effects and is a long term solution. This is a lymphatic massage technique used to release toxins and detox the body.

Udvartha combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet is an answer to all high cholesterol related problems.

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