We’ve all seen it.
Most of us have walked around it, next to it and over it.
We pretend it’s not there!
Perhaps we’ve become oblivious to it, or we just don't care?

This past weekend, our local Camillus, NY Chamber of Commerce organized a small clean up on one main street, in a small 1 mile radius.
We were 7 people strong. Included in the group were the Chamber president who didn’t think picking up trash was beneath him. Now that’s an example of leading by example! We were also joined buy an 86 and an 85 year old duo who showed me some awesome energy, and taught me a bit of inspiration as well.

So… we cleaned up ONE SMALL MILE of this Great Big Earth. Did we make a difference?

To the Home Depot plaza and it’s tenants… I’d say yes.
To the corner of the busy 11,000 cars a day Milton and Kasson Roads….absolutely.
To the cars sitting at the red light staring at the visibly cleaner ground below them… for sure.
And to the people driving by… perhaps some trash cleanup energy got transferred from our team of 7 to their lives later on that day, this week, this life? That one... who knows?

Nonetheless, it amazes me just how much TRASH is around that millions of us every day, walk over, around, and next to, without stopping to pick it up. Take a look next time you enter a convenience store, a gas station, a restaurant and even a commercial building.

My advice is if you see something, pick it up. We all live in the same world. Why not have it a bit cleaner? And chances are, the building your walking into has a bathroom with some soap or a hand sanitizer to cleanse you of that nasty trash you just disposed of. And may even feel pretty good about doing so.

Remember the famous quote… “ If each of us swept in front of our own porch, what a cleaner world it would be for all.” A little help from others wouldn’t hurt either.


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