Yes, it's true that at one point in our lives we have been lonely. Although many of us managed to pass through this stage successfully, still there are many others who never managed to make one friend. In one of my articles, how to find new friends I explained some of the causes for the failure of friendship, but there are certain situations that are totally beyond our friends control. This is where 'how to help a lonely friend' comes into play.

This is the situation where you can show your friend help. Below are some simple procedures in order to support a helpless friend in critical moments.
How to help a lonely friend
The first step to help such a person is by letting them confide in you. Let them freely express what their problems are. By this way, you will know where they went wrong and it will be easy for you to give them a solid advice on the subject matter. This is because, unless you understand something, you can't explain it. You can start by solving each of their problems by treating them one after the other begining with the easiest. If you realized that the main cause of their friendliness is due to 24/7 indoor or that they are self-centered, then, by taking them out will make them feel happy. Introduce them to social activities and group discussion. By these ways, they will gradually start developing new friends and a new lifestyle. At a certain point, they will totally forget about the period when they were lonely.

You can also help a friend in this kind of situation by trying to make them popular. Making a lonely friend popular is nothing more than introducing them to other friends and closed ones. If you can start visiting other friends with them or walking together, they will be impressed and this process brings out their happiness.
Don't oppose them

On the other hand, you must make sure that he/she is somebody who likes and wants to socialize. Never force a friend to go out without their likeness for the place. This is because some people were just born to be that way (lonely).

If such people are forced, they can retaliate in return. In some situation, they will start avoiding your company. Never force your friend into any social situations. If it's their nature to be alone, let they be.

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