Twice in my life when I’ve known a change was needed, spirit stepped in to pave the way. This doesn’t mean that I had an upper hand in foreknowledge of coming events. However, it does mean that I was aware change was necessary, but stubborn Lisa (who thinks she knows better), would decide to take control and do things her way. Wow, what boneheaded moves these were!

Many years ago, while working as a personal trainer, I began feeling burned out. Both physically and mentally exhausted, I began intuitively feeling that a change was impending. Relying on the income, I didn’t want to change my place of employment, and the thought of beginning a job search was overwhelming given all the other duties that were on my plate.

Keep in mind that I was a mother of two young children as well as working as a professional medium, I really didn’t know how to get myself out of the situation. This is where spirit steps in… I truly believe the urgings to move on from this job were an offer, of sorts, from the spirit world. I believe that they were telling me about an upcoming change that I needed to make in my life and in my profession. Spirit knew I was overwhelmed and that while I loved what I was doing, I didn’t like the stress and toll it was taking upon myself and my family.

If you understand the Law of Attraction, you know that for the six months or so that I was stressed and unhappy, I was, in fact, manifesting a change. However, the spirit world had given me all the chance that I was allowed. Did I heed the calling when I felt the urge to move forward? No, stubborn and foolish me.

Soon afterward, while driving into work I stopped for gas and slipped on black ice, shattering my ankle. It was as if spirit was telling me, “Not one more day!” My career as a personal trainer was over. Please don’t get me wrong. In no way shape or form did spirit use this as a punishment. Spirit was simply getting me back on the path which I planned prior to my birth.

After it was determined I would no longer be able to work in such a physical capacity, I took on the role of support staff doing office type work. While in no way was this an ideal situation, it provided me with income. By learning about computers and business practices, professionally I grew by leaps and bounds. I credit this position with much of my business acumen today. After a few years in this position, I recognized the calling from spirit when it arrived. I knew it was my time to move on from the job and take the position as a full-time spiritual medium.

I walked around with my letter of resignation for eight months, knowing that when the time arrived I would be ready. Obviously, I was still stubborn and trying to hold on to what I knew was no longer working. As it happened in the past, spirit forced my hand. I was falsely accused of stealing money. Yes, I could’ve fought this accusation and won, but I knew that this drastic action was put into place by the universe to get me to move into where I needed to be professionally. Once again, through no action on my own part, spirit, or the universe, moved me where I was most needed and where I would reap benefit through spiritual growth and progression.

So What Do You Do?
You know in the pit of your stomach when something isn’t right. If the door is closing or never opened to you in the first place, it’s for a reason. The message has been presented to you from your spirit, owning when something isn’t right it’s time to move on even when you aren’t certain of where the next step should be placed. Like many of us, that’s the difficult part. Maybe you don’t want to move forward because you’re not sure of the final outcome, where you’re supposed to be or how you’re supposed to get there. Eventually, the light will be made clear. You will see that every situation that you’ve been through personally or professionally, will provide tools for you to use in your upcoming venture.

As humans were taught to be analytical and make strong statements and deductions from our research. In this instance, you need to simply follow your gut. Your animal instinct will not disappoint you when it comes to heeding the urgings of spirit.

© 2017 Lisa Bousson

Author's Bio: 

Experiencing paranormal and spiritual phenomenon for more than five decades, Lisa began seeing spirit at the young age of four years. Around the age of six, Lisa knew there was more to this world than what we see in the here and now. Information was imparted to Lisa about living multiple lifetimes and thus began her deeper understanding of the spiritual realm, reincarnation, and the possibility of communication with those in-between lives.

Today, Lisa’s communication with departed loved ones and ancestors have touched thousands of people worldwide. Lisa is a Survival Evidence Medium, meaning she is able to bridge the gap between that of the living and the dead by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages and proven facts.

Lisa’s written works have been featured on websites, in print magazines, and her own personal blog. Her first book, The Lessons of Jesus Christ, was published in 2013. The Visible Energy Around Us: A 4 Week Guide to Reading the Aura was published in 2014. Two more books are in the works; From His Lips: 365 Daily Devotions from Jesus Christ and Tracking; Following Your Loved One’s Passage to Heaven.

Lisa has made appearances on television and radio, hosted her own shows on CBS and Blog Talk Radio, and won the American 2014 Best Psychic award. Lisa works with various law enforcement agencies throughout the country as an advisor on missing persons and criminal cases, teaches spiritual development classes, inspirationally speaks and holds public Spirit Galleries nationwide. Lisa is a certified Spiritualist Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritualist Medium, Certified Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences from The University of Sedona.

Lisa also presents at a multitude of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Consciousness events. Her sense of humor, as well as her vast knowledge of the subject matter, make her an internationally sought after speaker, presenter, and instructor.

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