We all learn from experiences and that is the most believing and convincing knowledge we ever gain. There is no limit to that. Let's take an example and then focus on the topic.

I was wondering why I am blessed with poverty, struggle and hardships in my life since birth. All I got was not satisfying me and I was in great depression of self pity, helplessness and loneliness. The time was not so far when I could decide to commit suicide.

Suddenly, my one ear was completely blocked with the strange, annoying and continuous sounds from inside. I started feeling like deaf. For me, this was the worst experience of my life as I was a keen lover of sounds. My eyes could not shut in peace as my ears were making horrible loud noises all the time ...............then I went to see doctor for a quick healing....he checked my ears and said there is nothing serious, only fluid in it. I wanted to hear suddenly but he told me to wait for at least a month or so. ...I came back, searched all knowledge from internet media .......and at the end resolved my case as being not in the hands of doctors rather in god. Nobody was sure about its cause and treatment as well. Even doctors were not having the same opinion for my one ear. Surgery was the only solution for some but that will again take time to take place....and I wanted to recover then.....leaving rest of the details aside, anyhow, I tell you my feelings at that time.....I prayed:

God I thank you for my both ears more than ever...and I request you to please return my hearing like before....I do not need good job, money or any worldly thing more than a healthy body and peaceful sleep....I need my sleep back and my dear hearing...I could not bear being deaf......pl forgive me and complete my hearing now.......then I cried like hell in front of god…….

Thanks god, I was not in that pain the next mooring, healed in one day, not in a full month as per GP recommendation. Other than my personal physical condign of ears, I feel like all we need is health and this is more important than any other desire of this earthy life.

My condition may or may not improve, people may think about some biological reasons of recovery, but I know for certain that there are many diseases in medical world for that one can only pray and things improve by luck only or we face side effects and reactions instead.

So what I want to stress upon is that acknowledge your belongings and feel happy for them because if they are not with you, you will be handicapped and depressed.

Second thing is that believe in god is must, as you will not find anybody to help you out in time of need.

Third thing is that we all must take care of our bodies as they will not be repaired easily if seriously damaged or neglected. And we will have no choice at that time except being in a complete isolation and depression.

Life is not about collecting things and making progresses rather it is about living happily and peacefully in the best possible and economical way. We all have to live so live happily and feel happy in happy moments -healthy moments.

Author's Bio: 

Mona Aeysha, PhD, is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist, have been working as a Teacher, Counselor and Researcher in several institutes of China, Pakistan and Cambodia. Her major areas of interest are: self –esteem, self-concept, conceptual psychology, belief psychology, self psychology, preferential psychology, cultural psychology and women psychology.
You are always welcome to contact her via email if you have any query in this regard.
Dr Mona