Earth is gracious in her bounty and has given us all the tools we could ever need to live a happy, productive life filled with beauty and service to others and ourselves. Whatever we have around us in our immediate environment can be used to help us evolve; the plants in our gardens, the trees in our forests, the wind, the sun, the stars . . . All of Creation.

Everything in existence is energy, and its form is created by a series of overlapping energy patterns that define its characteristics. Each overall pattern is unique unto itself and that individual. Every experience that we have creates a pattern in our energy field and that pattern either helps energy move through our bodies and lives, or it inhibits the movement. As we shift and change our thoughts and beliefs about the world and ourselves, often the old patterns will no longer work for us.

Flower/Vibrational Essences are unscented infusions of the spiritual or energetic qualities or attributes of a particular flower, crystal, color, symbol, seed, metal, fruit (or combination of these and other organic elements) in water with a preservative. They are designed to create a level of consciousness that helps us to rapidly change, alter, remove and improve our beliefs about ourselves. Essences release our unconscious mental and emotional patterns that keep us repeating behaviors we know are unproductive for us. Each Essence has a pattern to it, which fits into the patterning we carry in our energy field. The Essences either complete a part of our aura that allows us to grow or they act like a key in the lock of a door and open us to new aspects of ourselves. This allows us to accept ourselves, move through transitions, accelerate our growth and helps all things around and involved with us to grow too.

Because Essences are energy, they are Creation and have their own intelligence. They know where to go in your system to bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit into balance with each other and your world. They are "programmed" -- intended to release energy blockages (core issues) at the root or causal level. We may feel we have an emotional block in our consciousness, yet that blockage might actually be held in an unconscious mental belief we have about ourselves. We could work for a long time on the emotional aspects of the issue and not be able to resolve it because it is the symptom rather than the root. Essences deal with the root.

Sometimes when you release the root of a pattern, the change is so profound that you can't even remember the way you used to do things. Usually, the core parts of our patterns reside in our collective beliefs in unworthiness and lack of self-love. We, in the United States, have been raised in a Christian culture, whether we were raised Christian or not. Because of that, our collective belief or illusion is that we have been born with original sin, so we are unworthy from our very beginnings on this planet.
Changes can run the gamut from very subtle to quite dramatic. Here is an example:

Lisa had an eating disorder for 26 years. She exhibited both anorexic and bulimic behavior. She would have panic attacks when she would do her grocery shopping, always wondering if she was going to be good or bad, if she was going to hurt herself. She was actively looking for solutions, fearing her young sons would catch her purging. She was in a store when an Essence caught her attention. She was attracted to it before she read the description and after reading what its purpose was, she bought it. On her way home she needed to go shopping. She sat in the parking lot and thought to herself, "what do I have to lose?" and took the Essence. When she went into the store, this is what she experienced:

Everything was different - the light seemed different and I had no anxiety, no emotion at all. I did my shopping, paid and left the store. When I got back in my car I burst into tears. I knew I would never hurt myself again.

Lisa has maintained herself without manifesting her old behaviors for the last five years since taking the Essence. She also found the root of the behavior through taking Essences. When she was 5 and getting ready to have an eye operation, her uncle, who was like a parent to her, said, "Lisa, you'll never be beautiful but I'll always love you." That comment, made with all good intention, began the creation of a pattern that four years later manifested as anorexia and bulimia.

How to use them . . . how to choose them

Essences are Earth, people, children, plant and animal friendly. They are traditionally taken internally under the tongue or in a small glass of water. You can use them in food, put them in your personal products (shampoos, lotions, etc.), use them in the bath, use in rituals, use with children, plants and animals. They are used to focus your intention.

With Essences, much like homeopathy, less is more. One drop of an Essence is more potent than three drops. Many practitioners will give you a protocol for taking your Essences. So many drops, so many times a day for a certain number of days. I suggest using 1-3 drops first thing in the morning to set your energy frequency for the day. As you start using Essences and feel the differences when you take them you will start to know when you need them.

You can choose Essences many different ways: Read the names and descriptions and note which one sounds or feels "right." Use Kinesiology (muscle testing), intuition, guidance, and instinct. Check the energy of the Essence for you or another by holding the Essence to your heart or passing your hand over it to sense the vibration. There truly is no right or wrong way to choose. Simply pick and use the Essence(s) with which you feel most comfortable.

Kinesiology is a way of testing the electrical system of the body to determine what maintains or increases its ability to channel and direct energy for positive, life-enhancing results. I also recommend a form of Kinesiology that you can do yourself: its purpose is to teach us to trust what we already known to be true:
1. Stand holding the bottle or a piece of paper with the name of the Essence written on it with both hands. (Multiple pieces of paper chosen at random and tested individually can get your intellect out of the process, or having someone else hand you the bottles when your eyes are closed). This creates a circuit and balances the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature.
2. Hold the bottle at the heart or solar plexus. Close your eyes, making sure your knees aren't locked.
3. Settle and center yourself and ask a yes/no question, making it as specific as you can. "Is this good for me?" is usually too general. The more specific you can be, the clearer your answer. Look at the recurring patterns in your life and see how they connect. That's where the root of the patterns exists and locks up your ability to make changes. Therefore, questions that are more specific will help you to get the clearest response. Examples: Would this Essence assist me to my next level of spiritual growth? Would this help me to release the emotional trauma of my childhood? Will this help me to know and express my authentic self in the world?
4. If the answer is "yes," your whole body will move forward. If it is a "no," your whole body will move back. Sometimes you will do the "hula" - a back and forth movement that indicates possible benefit, or you will stay still (neutral). You are using your body like a pendulum and matching the energy patterns or sine wave signature in your auric field to the energy patterns found in the essence, to neutralize or change behaviors.

This testing experience can be subtle or quite dramatic. This is about your getting in touch with you. Ultimately, you are the only one who can know what is right for your system. Most people have that level of self-knowing in a dormant or sleeping state. These techniques, and the Essences themselves, are designed to awaken, enhance, nurture and empower your own innate abilities.

Utilize the Gifts of the Earth, connect with Flower/Vibrational Essence. They will lead you to your own true Essence.

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