The self is sacred, alive and burning with life itself. In our precious container lies all life’s contradictions and possibilities. But asleepness draws its veil of unconsciousness around our greatness and absentmindedly pulls us into the illusion of living in only a material world.

The prima mater contains the fire, while the material world hides the spirit from those caught in duality. Yet here too lies the heartbeat of life. However, to access and appreciate its full beauty we must cleanse the lens of perception so our “I”s can see the scintillating spirit that penetrates all matter. Its radiance is present on all levels waiting for awakened souls gratitude and appreciation at its subtle complexity and shimmering simplicity.

So how do we access the beautific vision? How do we cleanse the portal of perception so we can discover the immense richness in and around us? For me it is the Healing Fire that frees us to perceive and celebrate life in its fullest. The universe is rich in the healing fire, and within our body and soul the healing fire is simmering, awaiting our embrace of its divine nature.

Dancing shakti, enlivening all
Show us your embrace
Let us feel your call.
Burn away disgrace
and come to us as Grace.

Grace is the healing fire
Cool as water
Clean as air, without the mire
Of pollution from out matter
And freed from bondage of the latter.

Quiet stillness brings us to the place
Where healing fire
Shows her face.
And in our surrender to this fire
Clears us for divine embrace.

Spirit male, shakti female
Coiled together into One.
We become the dancing tale
Of Truth and being Done.
In the fullness of the empty One.

Divine ecstasy is the lila
Of the Now.
As we are freed from fear and future
And learn to play in the erotic Now.
And celebrate the Being of the Tao.

Pure diamond we are now,
Remembering spirit
Shimmering spirit in all the Its,
And joyfully rest in the souls embrace
Of the Radical Dazzling
Emptiness of Grace.

Healing Fire

What creature dare deny that it is an immortal diamond. An original blessing. An image of the divine One. MF

Self identity

Meister Eckhart said -God is a fire and we have within us, in our core, sparks of that fire.

In the east they say
Tat Tvam Asi
Thou are that.

Meaning that...

We are the pure energy of God-pure light-pure potentiality
We are bearers of the Imageo deo-the God image and God likeness-the pure diamond light of creation.

We are the container, vessel or chalice of consciousness that needs to be emptied so it can be filled with the light and love of the infinite.

Awakening to our spiritual nature is our human task-healing our forgetfulness of our deepest identity.

This requires that we connect to our core state of being and peel away the layers of fear, dogma, pain and negativity that separates us from our deepest and highest state of being and helps us to remember our true Self.

Full spectrum ALIVENESS is our goal.
As we shed the skins that barricade us from the energy of soul and spirit.

Norman O. Brown said to be ALIVE is to be burning, and
Joseph Campbell said love is the burning point of life, the pain of ALIVENESS.

We need to develop a resilient attitude towards ourselves as we face our pain and transform it into wisdom and beauty.

We beam strong by opening to the deepest experiences of our self.

Robert Bly calls us to do our ashes work and bucket out the pain and deadness that hides us from ourselves.

Mathew Fox calls this process kenosis or the emptying of our self from limited ego attachments to our pain, separation, entanglements, and superficial identities.

Kensois involves a transformation of being a -a radical metanoia or new way of knowing ourselves and who and what we are in our deepest and highest nature.

It may entail facing the dark night of the soul.

L. Leonard says.... “the deepest poverty and wretchedness are felt in the dark night. But through this the soul is being purged and annihilated ,
Purified in the fire. Forged in the fire of ALIVENESS”

Alex Grey Image of the wounded healer
My experience after initiation.

The Solvent of Pain

When you drink the waters of sorrow
You shall kindle the fire of love.
This is the way to dwell in the desert.

M. of Mateburg 13C woman mystic.

In the eastern teachings they say burn your karma in the fire of yoga-yoga means union with God or the spiritual depths within and beyond your physical being.

To become conscious we need to burn away the debris that blocks our spiritual light and the true beauty of being ALIVE.

When we open our heart and soul we become ALIVE and the fire flows within our being -We need to turn up the inner thermostat and give ourselves permission to feel the depth and intensity of all our experiences.

We are part of the great event of living but have diminished our capacity to respond with fullness of being and therefore are missing the full opportunity of living.

When we are ALIVE n our heart and soul we feel touched and blessed by life.

In our romantic involvement’s we burn with passion for our lover, our lover becomes the stimulus that kindles the flame of life within our being and beams our reason for living.

For a time our deepest passions dispel darkness, hardness and dryness within our heart -Our life is like a volcano and bursts forth bringing newness, hope and fulfillment to us-Even though it often burns us up unless we exercise an intelligent midwifery of our heart and soul.

Mathew Fox said.... “we are on fire or we are cold, and a cold heart is a dead heart.”

Our creative passions and expressions-also awaken our fire -our catapahatic instincts propel us towards light, love and consciousness. The ideal images we generate in our moments of creative inspiration infuse us with life and vitality as we unleash the creative fire into our creations

Linda Leonard says...”the daimon or creative muse brings us an unusual intensity of creative fire-the fire of the ideal.”

Show the ideal arabian horse
Symbol of beauty, aliveness and grace-living art.

Our challenge is to channel our creative energy and fire into outlets that are constructive and life enhancing. The opposite too, is a possibility - we can witness the destructive uses of fire that kill and destroy life-a global threat to us all-(the mother of all wars image). Or the creative fire may push us into addictions and self destructive activities.

Meister Eckhart reminds us that creativity and imagination involve giving birth to our deepest spiritual and soul images that evoke the development of our highest spiritual possibilities.

Eckhart recognized the importance of spirituality, image making and creativity for healing our life and giving meaning to our existence.

Mathew Fox interprets.......”Eckhart.....does make it clear that creativity and birthing are the essence of God. Thus, if imagination is the term we use today to name the works of creativity where images are born and where images are let go of, then that term may come closest to what Eckhart is trying to say. It is our capacity to give birth to images that parallels Gods’ capacity to create. This image birthing is a source of our freedom, for in birthing images we choose some and the images we choose enkindle a kind of fire that enlightens self and society.”

As well as the fire of creativity the mystics refer to fire imagery too express their experiences of the mystical transcendent state-Richard Bucke author of Cosmic Consciousness describes his experience.


Biblically we are told that God is a consuming fire and the descent of the spirit is seen as tongues of fire on the feast of the Pentecost.

Carl Jung referring to the Gnostic gospels reports Christ as saying
“he who is near unto me is near unto fire.”

Fire is quintessential aspect of our psyche and the process of individuation and spiritual transformation requires the heat of the alchemical process.

Mary Richards a creative artist and someone who traveled the healing journey, opening to her own process of personal transformation says

”I think it is structural this ordeal by fire -the physics of transformation requires it.”

Also, she says:

“The voice at the center speaks in tongues of flames
Consent . Consent.”

Listening to the soul images brings transformation and the birthing of the creative dimension of ourselves.

Our roots are in creation itself -- we are a hologram of the cosmic blueprint.

Briane Swimme a quantum physicist reminds us of our deepest cosmic origins that are firmly rooted in the universal healing energy -the fire that created life itself at the point of the Big Bang -the eruption of the cosmic fireball

he says ....”fires from the beginning of time empower you right now-this instant-what you are thinking and feeling at this moment is possible only through the cosmic fire ....your entire nervous system is rich in this fire.”

and continues saying....”Our primary moral act is to cherish this fire, the source of our transformation, ourselves, our society , our species and our planet. In each moment we face this cosmic responsibility to shape and discharge this fire in a manner worth of its numinous origins.”

Our Task is to forage cosmic fire through love, respect, reverence and compassionate creativity-as we commit ourselves to supporting life in self and others.

Swimme reminds us if we waste our life the fire burns out -we must stay on purpose and not waste our cosmic fire on trivialities such as hate, revenge, despair and excessive materiality.

We must learn to cherish and channel the fire of life in meaningful ways if we are to heal and grow as full human beings.

He reminds us of our cosmic/spiritual identity when he says:

....”we the creative, scintillating, searing, healing flame of the awesome and enchanting universe.”

So let us turn to the burning well of fire in our divine nature and let its’ life giving energy heal our mind, body and soul as we open to the fountain of golden fire within our spiritual center.

When we touch the fertile void-the womb of creation in the divine darkness we can be filled with the fire of life that flows from the source of stillness within the spaciousness of our own infinite being.

Our connection to the universal fire is in our bodies, mind, breath, images and spirit

Here are some inner processes to help you experience the Healing Fire.

Meditation, Prayer and guided Imagery

Birthing Fire

Listen, Feel . The birth pains of the psyche are about to bear the fiery fruit
Savor its ecstasy.
Drink it fiery nectar

Author's Bio: 

Dr Dustin T. Shannon-Brady-see biography on selfgrowth experts page. Counseling, Heath and Sport Psychologist