Qigong Distant Energy Healing sessions can help heal your addictions along with any other physical, mental, or emotional problems you have. The energy works on all levels simultaneously.

The monthly healing program has helped many people with all kinds of addictions, smoking, alcohol, drugs, eating, and more. Some people report being helped after trying to quit their addictions for 20 or more years of the harmful behavior.  

In the second part of the articll, a mother writes how the energy helped her daughter, who was addicted to heroin for 7 years and had overdosed 15 times. 

Hello, "I Have  Degenerative joint/disk..Chronic pain. Heavy opiates and, anti-depressants for 25 plus yrs....  I've now been free of all pain meds & anti-depressants for three mo. the nineteenth... I did your last healing & benefited greatly," Thanks, Dawn    

 Michael, "Please..I thank you so very much! Last time I could feel the lightness of my body. I haven't felt like that in years! Also I quit smoking and the medications I was taking are now gone! I don't know how or why this works but I am very thankful for the peace in my life which I can say, came after the healing. I can actually feel it now! That's crazy! But A WONDERFUL crazy! I'll take it!"    Jennifer  
 Hi, "Ive been so lucky to be part of two or three healing sessions. Many things have happened - after smoking for 35 years i just cut it cold turkey 25 mar. have not smoked tobacco since - (but a little bit of e cigarettes when very stressed - Been sober since 2 feb. - from alcohol..."    Jonny  

The focus of this article is addictions, but the energy finds your blockages automatically. Even if you don't have an addiction, the energy can help you heal other physical, mental, and emotional issues.  


In the two testimonials below, a woman tells how the energy sessions helped heal her fibromyalgia and drug addiction. Fibromyalgia is a very debilitating dis-ease and can be very difficult to heal. The second testimonial is from a mother, who wrote the energy was helping her daughter recover from a serious life-threatening heroin addiction.  

 Hi Michael. "I wanted to share with you the Miracle that I believe happened because of you. After having cancer, radiation, barium treatments, I cleared very invasive cancer. Then 10 yrs later, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Suffered with that for yrs. and was tagged as a chronic disease. Then finally found out I had Hep. C. Went through that and had to bear a solid year of interferon treatments.

I have been clear for 4 yrs. During all of this I was put on very high doses of Methadone for pain, which I had plenty of. Then, I lost my Son. That one was my worst challenges. I went into a 2 yr. depression. Then, I found you. My depression and happy factor began to return! Of course I had fed into the whole antidepressant world.

After having your services, I began to hate these medicines. I started stopping them one at a time. I got down to just the Methadone. I have heard HORROR stories about stopping this medication. I had watched Mike from Alice in Chains on Celebrity Rehab, with Dr. Drew, and he was vomiting, twisting into uncontrollable pretzels, and punching out camera men:) I finally went to the DR. and said , how do I stop?  I was so dumbed down with medications, I couldn't live life anymore. Not actively anyway.  

 I began to wean down, and I WAS SCARED. HERE'S WHERE THE MIRACLE COMES IN. I got down to (zero) pain pills .I Kept waiting to throw up and twist into a pretzel. Guess What! It never happened! I felt horrible , but did not suffer the voracious beginning! Have breezed through detox because of you Michael. There could be no other reason for this miracle. 

I am now clean, happier, exercising, interacting with society, and becoming a healer myself. If not for you, I would still be living a miserable existence!
So, I thank you. My whole life, my way of thinking, and my physical body are healed because of your work work. I am so grateful to you. Much love, Leslie

P.S.I no longer suffer from Fibromyalgia, which is a so called chronic disease:)"

"My daughter had no withdraw symptoms and asked me to pick her up she wanted to begin recovery after 7 years of addiction, extremely bad 15 overdoses, and just called me so quick and said mom can i come home. i'm gonna die if i stay on this stuff and i don't wanna die, plz help me.
 i went and got her. she's here, she's great, she's happy, clean fed, showered. i got her new clothes and she signed up for beauty school, out patient rehab and today no with draw from heroin Yes !!!!!!!! This worked beautifully, long journey to go, but on the right track. Thank you all sooooo much."    HJ 

 The monthly healing program may help to strengthen your energy field so that your innate healing ability can overcome illness, stress, pain, and dis-ease. The great majority of people who try the sessions see significant results, but like any modality, it doesn't help everyone.  The Facebook Qigong Energy Healing Page has thousands of posts from people that have been helped by the energy sessions.


Author's Bio: 

Michael Mohoric is the past Secretary of the International Tibetan Qigong Assoc. He discovered he was blessed with a gif for distant healing after recovering from a serious spinal cord injury.

Today he works with people all over the world to help them regain their health and well being. His work has helped thousands to heal serious illness, pain. stress, anxiety, depression and more.