The HCG Diet is known among its supporters for its impressive reported weight loss results of around 20 to 30 lbs in only a month. But, the HCG Diet community is up in arms this week as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a stand on the HCG Diet, officially voicing that HCG is not approved for weight loss. The FDA notified several HCG retailers, requiring them to stop selling HCG and stop making claims that HCG plays a role in causing weight loss.

The FDA has begun with homeopathic HCG, stating that it is an “unapproved new drug.” Although, they have also stated that prescription HCG products should only be used for “female fertility and select hormonal treatment in males, and FDA has not approved prescription HCG for any other uses, including weight loss.” So, HCG Dieters know that no forms of HCG for weight loss are safe at this point.

As a result, the pro-HCG Diet community created a petition, showing support for the HCG Diet in opposition of the FDA’s claims on HCG.

The official Save the HCG Diet petition on is providing HCG Dieters with a platform from which to voice their opinion. On the HCG petition website, they state that their ultimate goal is to “present this documentation to the FDA in hopes of moving the HCG protocol to a more favorable light with the FDA and make sure it [HCG] stays available to help the people that other diets haven’t been able to help.”

Users can fill out their information, include their reasons for wanting to keep HCG available for weight loss, then electronically sign and submit the HCG diet petition, which will be presented to the FDA. There is also an option to pass on the HCG diet petition by sharing the website over their social network.

Linda Prinster and Tiffany Prinster, co-sponsors of, are prominent HCG Diet experts and authors. In a recent interview, Tiffany Prinster stated that “this is the time that everyone in the HCG Diet community needs to come together. Whether you’re an HCG retailer, an HCG practitioner, or just someone who has experienced weight loss with HCG, we’re all in this together! We have a great opportunity to make a difference and we hope that everyone who cares about keeping the HCG diet choice for weight loss available to those who wish to participate in the HCG Diet, will sign this petition and spread the word.”

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