Sue Hay, co-founder of Good Health magazine, and an expert in nutrition and fitness, states that there is no such thing as a quick-fix weight loss solution. Our emotions, dietary habits and lifestyle have to be taken into consideration to achieve long-term successful weight loss - because we are all different.

How many times have you heard of a friend or relative, who has dramatically lost weight, say that not only were they back to square one after a month or so, but they had added on a few more pounds for good measure! The reason is simple ? a fad diet that loses weight dramatically isn?t about pounds of fat coming off ? it?s litres. Because the majority of the weight loss will be water! Bear in mind that our body consists of 60% water.

Unsuspecting slimmers may get excited when they lose 4 or 5 lbs in a few days and reckon they?ll be two dress sizes down in a matter of weeks, but their body will soon be compensating for their sudden change of diet by starting to store fat for a rainy day - it thinks it?s being starved!

Just think about the logic. Anyone who is overweight or bordering on obese hasn?t put on the pounds overnight ? it has taken years to add those extra pounds. And it will be a slow process to lose them ? the real fat that is.

But don?t be disheartened, because permanent weight loss can be easily achieved with a little more patience. Think about this: just 1lb lost every week will add up to over three and half stone in one year. Certainly more than enough for most people!

Don?t think diet, think lifestyle, and you?ll be on course for not only losing weight and feeling good, you?ll also be a lot healthier - with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease fading into the distance.

Here at SlimSeekers we analyse an individual?s dietary and lifestyle habits, including their health history and, importantly, find out want they want to achieve. Then we offer them a gradual introduction to a guaranteed weight loss, trying to prevent any shocks to their system!

They will receive advice, based on adjustments to their normal diet and lifestyle, with different healthier food options, drinks, menus and recipes, and even fitness. We all lead more sedentary lives nowadays and, as part of a SlimSeekers programme, some form of exercise will be recommended.

The aim is to make it as pleasurable as possible so that any adjustments are not only successful, but are readily accepted as part of their ongoing lifestyle, usually influencing their family too.

So what is the secret? None really, just a little motivation required for the first month, with plenty of easy-to-follow advice and information to justify the changes being made, all supplied for a particular person?s lifestyle on a one-to-one basis. One person?s advice may differ greatly from another in terms of drinking and eating habits and these have to be tackled differently. Unless a change of dietary recommendations is manageable, people just won?t find the motivation to carry on. Then a person is easily back to square one.

Based on a client?s information, via a simple questionnaire and 7-day diary, we will compile a 32-page Personal Advice Plan that will be delivered in confidence and by post. So this system is perfect for anyone who may be a little shy about sharing the desire to lose a little weight with others. It can be achieved discreetly and without anyone knowing - apart from when people start to notice the new body shape!

One recent client thought she led a fairly healthy lifestyle, but was at least two stone overweight and suffered with high blood pressure. She had counted calories, tried slimming drinks, and even attended weight loss classes. All to no avail.

SlimSeekers identified the type of food she was regularly eating and suggested a few subtle changes that involved more home cooking with a simple change of drinking habits, along with a 7-day eating and drinking plan to follow. We also discovered that she ate at least two bananas a day as part of her healthy fruit intake, but these were equivalent to about ten spoonfuls of sugar! Fine if she was burning more energy, but her secretarial job had her sitting at a computer most of the day.

Following our programme, just two months later she was a stone lighter, and by the summer was back to her lowest weight for 8 years ? and without any hard work. More importantly, her blood pressure was back to normal.

So, if you need to lose weight, think months, not weeks - and permanently!

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Sue hay was co-founder of Good health magazine and is an expert in nutrition and fitness. She is a weight loss consultant and works with her husband, Jack Hay, a journalist and author specialising in health.