In today’s world, it is not uncommon for people to look for advice on how to be happy. In fact, it could be said that some people see this as being the purpose of life, and as a result of this, it is not going to be something that they can simply overlook.

In The Past

Fortunately, there is no shortage when it comes to what one can do in order to fulfil this need. This primarily comes down to the internet, and this is where one will be able to find out about all kinds of answers.

But while this is the case, it wasn’t like this before the internet was available, and this meant that it was harder to get hold on this kind of information. Still, as it is easier to get hold of, it could be said that this has may have played a part in their desire to be happy.

Human Nature

On one side, there is the need to seek pleasure and to avoid pain, and so this will have played a part in one wanting to be happy. And on the other side, there can be the need to be happy all the time.

The former can be seen as something one was born with, and the latter can be seen as something they have picked up during their time on this planet. Wanting to be happy in life is not going to be the same as always wanting to be happy.

A Common Outlook

For example, if one was to go online, there are likely to come across information that talks about how they can be happy all the time. Through hearing this, it could have an effect on what they believe is possible.

Instead of just wanting to be happy in life, this could be seen as something that is no longer good enough; what will then be good enough will be being happy all the time. And unless they are able to achieve this, they could end up feeling hopeless.

Different Perspectives

If one wants to be happy in life, it could be said that they want to live a fulfilling life; whereas if they want to be happy to all the time, it could be said that they just want to feel good. In the first case, they are unlikely to be happy all the time, but it is likely to mean is that they will live a life of purpose.

In the second case, they are likely to end up having more ‘positive’ feelings, but they could be out of touch with their purpose. Nevertheless, they could believe that their purpose is to experience life from one side of the emotional spectrum.

The Contrast

If one wanted to be happy in life and they were to achieve this outcome, it is going to mean that there will be moments when they are happy and moments when they are not happy. But through being able to experience life in this way, it will give them a greater appreciation of life.

The kind of depth that they experience will be out of reach for someone who ends up being happy all the time. Through being in a positive state, one will soon get used to how they feel and it will then start to lose its effect.


However, if one is in a position where they are not happy in life, this is not going to something they think about. Their main priority will be to feel better and what happens down the line will be the least of their worries.

And if one wants to live a more fulfilling life, they could also be in a vulnerable position. This could mean that they won’t have the ability to think clearly, and this can make them an easy target.

Reaching Out

When one looks for information on how to be happy, they could end up being drawn to certain people. These could be people who present themselves as being an expert on how to be happy, or they could just appear to have it all together, so to speak.

So based on how they come across, one will come to the conclusion that they have the answers. Their critical faculties could then be out of action and everything they hear or read about will go right in.


Along with being happy, these people could also be incredibly attractive; with their face and body being something to behold. This is not to say that one will need to zoom into their body, as they could be wearing clothes that reveal their physique.

And through being in awe of their appearance, it could be said that it will be normal for them to go along with what they have to say. In fact, one could even end up putting them on a pedestal.

Stepping Back

One way of looking at this would be to say that these people are happy and so there is no reason why one wouldn’t pay attention to what they have to say. Another way of looking at it would be to say that these kinds of people don’t experience life in the same way that most people do.

This will be an outlook that is even more relevant when it comes to attractive women, as this is because it will be normal for them to receive positive feedback from others. And based on the kind of feedback that these people generally get from others, it is going to be a lot easier for them to be happy.

A Different Reality

Due to what they look like, it is not going to take a lot of effort for them to get their needs met, and as a result of this, it can be as if they live on a different planet. It can easier for them to attract the kind of partner they want, and it can allow them to progress faster in their career.

Also, through using social media, they can receive positive feedback from others without needing to be around people. Approval from others is then always at hand and this is going to have a positive effect on them.


Now, this is not to say that one shouldn’t listen to what they have to say, or that they are always happy; what it comes down to is that their appearance will have an effect on how they experience life. Yet even though someone can be attractive, they can still be deeply unhappy and extremely insecure.

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