Everyone seems to be searching for happiness. We seem to search for it in the things we do, the people we spend time with, the things that we accumulate, how we decide to live our lives, and I can go on from there.

What is happiness?

The Webster’s dictionary says that Happiness is:


hap·​pi·​ness | \ ˈha-pē-nəs \

Definition of happiness
1a: a state of well-being and contentment : JOY

b: a pleasurable or satisfying experienceI wish you every happiness in life.I had the happiness of seeing you— W. S. Gilbert

2: FELICITY, APTNESSa striking happiness of expression

3obsolete : good fortune : PROSPERITYall happiness bechance to thee— William Shakespeare

We get the things, the people, the job, the money, and so on and for a few moments we think that we have happiness only to see that none of that stuff is our happiness. We then go searching for more.

Can we choose Happy?

I believe we can choose to be happy in every circumstance. This to me doesn’t mean that everything always smells like roses. What it does mean is that we can choose to live our lives from a place of higher awareness. A place where we can see all that we have been given and that the world is a big play. What we learn here is just learning and growing and none of this contains our happiness. Our happiness comes from deep within each and all of us. We choose what we see and how we envision our lives. We can choose to see the good in all situations of life and be completely happy with it right where we are at the moment.

How you ask?

Well it is a never ending solution. You will have to stay aware. You will have to develop a daily practice that will keep your focus on your feelings and even maybe changing your perception of some of those things that you think may bring you down and cause you unhappiness. There are many things you can use in your daily practice. Below are a few.

5 daily practices that can change your life:

Breath Work

Of course there are many things that you can use as your daily practice to help you become more aware of yourself and change some of the thought processes that you think make you unhappy. These are some of my favorites and I can say practiced daily you may see your world in an entirely different way.

You see we all have the ability to choose happiness in every situation. This doesn’t mean that you don’t make changes to life. You live it to enhance your experience so you can learn and grow all the while being your happy self at whatever point you are.

How do you look at the world?

Are you searching for happiness or are you choosing happiness in all that you do and are? Share your comments on happiness. I look forward to hearing your views.

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I am no different than you. I am a grandmother of one beautiful granddaughter, a very handsome grandson, a mother of three awesome grown children that I am very proud of, a visionary, a Reiki Master, and a warrior to my own self-realization.

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