Self empowerment by handling objection and rejection effectively
In everyday life, we tend to receive more objections than acceptance, so it is important to learn how we can handle these negative feedbacks and turn it into a positive and empowering pointer in life. 5 empowering techniques to deal with objection (Just remember it with a long laugh)

5 empowering techniques to deal with objection (Just remember it with a long laugh H.A.A.A.A)

When you are faced with an objection, remember to pause for a while and listen attentively to the person. A big NO is to put up an offensive front and start to rebuke at anything the other party say, this will eventually lead to a heated argument. Take for instance, if your wife/husband comes back home complaining about the boss and work:

Husband: “I have a bad day at work, getting scolding by my boss today” (in tired and restless tone)

Wife: “It must be your fault to do something wrong” (in an unconcerned tone)

Husband: “No, I did not do anything wrong” (in angry mode)

Wife: “It must be you, your boss is such a nice person” (rebuked aggressively)
And the story continues… So what do you think is the result? Of course it will turn out to be a quarrel and hurt the relationship, so take a step backwards, pause and listen first.


After pausing and listening, the next thing is that you MUST acknowledge it. It means that you are showing care and concern for the other party. But remember this, Acknowledgement do not mean agreement. For example, if you are selling hand phone and your customer complained that your brand is too expensive, you can acknowledge by replying “I understand, but may I know which model you compared to that you find it cheap?” A display of acknowledgement also shows the interest in you in the deal.


After the acknowledgement, you must probe for more questions from the other party in order to know and analyse their needs. Once you have done all of the probing, process the information and proceed to the next step.


After careful analysis, answer to the other party questions strategically and straight to the point which he wants.


At the end of every topic, you must close the loop by confirming that both of you agree to the conclusion before moving to the next topic.

In summary, if we face negative objections most of the time, why don’t we turn them around into positive lessons learnt that can empower us in our life.

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