Common Side Effects

Many women are either presently experiencing or will experience the dreaded side effects of menopause. Typically, menopause starts about 12 months after your last period, and it usually starts between ages 40-58, with the average age being 51. Menopause causes some universal side effects that most women experience to some degree or another. Hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness equaling painful sex, reduced libido, weight gain and mood changes are the most common side effects. Some women are also affected by hair loss due to the drop in hormones. This is another unwelcome thing to deal with.

hair loss

Coping With Hair Loss

For most symptoms, if they are severe enough, there are hormone treatments available that often will resolve them. But there are other things you can do to help minimize these side effects, in particular, we will talk about hair loss. Taking extra vitamin C and vitamin A, plus eating protein-rich foods such as red meat, beans, fish, eggs, milk, and dark green vegetables such as kale, asparagus and spinach can help your hair stay healthy. Aside from keeping a healthy diet, there is another thing you can do to combat hair loss. Try hair toppers, also known as hair extensions.

Hair Extensions Can Help

If you’ve never tried hair extensions, this may be the time. However, there are some basics you need to know first. Be sure to get the higher quality, real European Remy human hair extensions like the ones that can be found at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, for example. They have a unique clip-in design that attaches securely to your hair in just seconds, and does not damage your real hair like other methods do. These hair extensions are fully customizable with regard to color, cut and style and come in a wide array of different colors including multi-dimensional options.

More Information

Real hair extensions like these are a great idea for women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning because they can add fullness, volume and length to your real hair, making the appearance of thinning hair practically non-existent. They are virtually undetectable from your own hair, and with proper care, the ones sold at The Lauren Ashtyn Collection can last up to 3 years, making them an excellent investment, too. These hair toppers can restore much needed confidence to women suffering with thinning hair, something especially important to our overall emotional well-being, during menopause in particular.

Be Yourself Again

Suffering through the side effects of menopause is bad enough without adding hair loss to the mix. Women who experience hair loss can be negatively impacted in the area that affects many different mentally challenging things, including self-esteem. When you lack confidence in your appearance, it shows. Women are more prone to depression when their level of self-confidence wanes, and can be devastating. Take back your confidence in yourself with these luxury hair toppers, and be the best version of yourself possible once again! Try them for yourself today, and see the huge difference they can truly make.

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