Gout refers to a condition in which the person suffers from inflammatory joints which may be swollen, tender, red and hot, and it is caused by crystallization of uric acid which is deposited on the joins and tissues around the joints. Uric acid is produced when human digestive system breaks down purines found in various vegetables and food products.

Gout is a problem which affects more men than women and it comes mostly unexpectedly. It is found mostly in elderly who have been suffering from arthritis and it is considered to be a painful condition resembling arthritis. In men the problem can be seen any time in their thirties or late, but in women it is mostly found after menopause. The attacks of gout can be caused by lifestyle changes and it commonly affects the big toe, heels fingers and wrists.

Diet has been a main cause for gout and one can follow certain restrictions to prevent the risks.

1. Some of the food products that increase the risk are alcohol, meat, seafood, sweetened drinks etc.

2. Sometimes it is caused by certain trauma or accidents. To reduce the risk one should reduce intake of dairy products, vitamin C and Coffee.

3. There are certain foods products which are high in purines which does not raise the risk of gout are vegetables such as spinach, peas, cauliflower, and asparagus and food products such as cereals and breads can be taken in meals. In non vegetarian diet kidney, ham, chicken, duck, kidney is considered safe.

4. A good amount of water should be taken as it is suggested to take 8 glasses of water everyday.Food products rich in vitamin C such as mandarins, red bell peppers, oranges, red cabbage and potatoes can be taken in restricted quantities.

5. A good amount of green leafy vegetables such as parsley, kale, cabbage can be taken and fruits such as berries, strawberries, cherries, bananas and tomatoes can be taken.

6. Food products having bromelin such as pineapple should be included in diet chart. Bromelin is an enzyme which helps in relieving pain and it also promotes speed healing. It reduces swelling and inflammation.

7. A low quantity of proteins should be taken and proteins should account for not more than 15% of the total calorie intake in a day.

8. Certain food products rich in complex carbohydrates such as rice, cereals and pasta can be taken as it helps in producing a healthy amount of uric acid.

9. Essential fatty acids can be taken from seeds, salmon and nuts.

10. Only 30% of calories should come from fat and not more than 10% of animal fats should be taken in diet.

11. The level of sugar should be low and low fat milk or milk products low in fat should be taken.

12. Gout patients should try to reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol, and take diet which contains a low quantity of these substances.

13. Heavy drinking can increase the level of uric acid and fasting can increase the level of uric acid in human body.

14. Reduce or avoid taking beef, pork, liver, lamb, sardines, yeast, beer etc.

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