Some solar kits can be really tricky to make and aren’t even as efficient as others. That is why it is always important to do your research. It’s interesting to compare the different ways you can turn to solar energy. I found that the easiest way to learn about solar energy is by watching videos. That’s what I did. You can watch someone build a solar kit from scratch. The commentaries have useful facts too. They normally will talk to you through the project and tell you details about what you are doing. Now you know what you are doing and exactly how to do it. I watched a bunch of different videos before I decided which one to learn with.

I actually made a solar panel kit with my oldest son. He entered the science fare and we made one as his project. It’s really an amazing accomplishment. I imagine it would be a lot more work to turn our entire house solar but it is doable. The only concern is how time consuming it is. If I can find the time and patience then I would love to turn my home solar. It turns out you only spend half of the estimated amount if you choose to make the kit by yourself. The neighbor I told you about earlier only did half of the work himself and even he saved a lot of money on the project. I advise just reading up and watching some videos. If you have the time, check it out.

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