Proof of A Creator

Francis Collens and His errors in, “The God of Gaps “
I am amazed at the various ways skeptics have of trying to discredit God. First they try to use human reason on how a certain theme of a creator cannot be proven, by using human reasoning to explain God who is not of human origin. It does not take a rocket scientist to know this is impossible. In the article he sez's Francis uses the reasoning, morality only evolves in humans, therefore this is the bases in which he came to the conclusion there is a creator. It is a weak and point less view.
First of all animals, if by instinct, or by origin, have a certain set of pack instincts they follow in order to keep order, and for their own survival. Humans on the other hand have a conscience, and their morals depend on the cultural
influences that have shaped the way they look at the world around them, therefore drive their behaviors.
Neither view, has an iota of scientific proof of a creator. The proof of God is of spiritual origin. In order to understand creation as spiritual one must look at the world through the lens of spirit. To be able to do this ‘thought’ must be educated on the spiritual aspects of creation. The human is always fallible for there is no finite reason a universe so infinite as to be without end, can exist from a finite origin.
The law of cause and effect has to be taken into consideration. What comes from dust must return to dust. What is without end, and intricately planned cannot have its origin in dust, or it would be a speck of dust by now, and there would be no life. Even scientists that discredit the fact the earth could not have been the result of a creator, should admit, their conclusionsof 'no creator'are fallible simply from the law of cause and effect.
No science has explained how water, light, color, sound, music, math, gravity, or life could evolve from a big bang rock, or from any or all the theories being tossed around in human thought like bags full of garbage. God’ is divine Principle,(law) so from the deepest of the oceans to the farthest of the galaxies His law gives their existence credibility. These laws are scientific and exist as fact for we have access to their usage through the very laws that make them indefinable.
The wisest man of his time, whose kingdom surpassed any before built on earth, King Solomon said. “The heavens of heavens cannot contain thee, let alone this house which I have built.” He got his wisdom from the creator of the universe, through his intimate relationship with God.
Any who discredit the creator of all that is infinite do so through the ignorance of not understanding cause and effect and law, which cannot be found in matter. I explain this further in my book, “Who Made God,” I sum up the agnostic’s logic thus: If you make bread and leave out half of the ingredients’, you still do not have half a loaf of bread.
Helen M Nanney

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I do not spend much time on my web site as I am not really intrested in human logic or ambition of any sort. That is other individual's zest in life. My intrests isthe truth of spiritual origin, excellerated by to days mircles exploding all over the globe. In every country, a break away from every religion, simply through the son of mircles, Jesus Christ, healing is bringing light into human consciousness. This rapid spread of proof of God as creator, and Jesus Christ as redeemer, has exploded, for the time of earth as we know it, is like the earth at the time of Noah, before the flood. You have to read about Noah to know what I mean. I devote all my time in searching for more spiritual knowledge, hoping I can contribute to the saving of soul's, in these last times. We have had six thousand years to get it right. The six thousand years of the history of man as created from dust, is over. We still live in that delema. Another flood is upon us, and it is not water. Helen, author, "Who Made God, An Incredible Journey Into the Light", at book stores.