On noting that ordinary efforts of reformation are not working with reference to the world’s tattered and undesirable state Mahakal commenced his Tandava dance. As a result all dirt and taints were burnt to ashes. This phase of destruction is a state of time. Gigantic palaces can be destroyed in seconds but it takes a long time to build them. Creation is more important than destruction. When destruction took place Mahakal’s role was over and the Goddess of creation Mahakali came forward. She requested Mahakal to stop his Tandava dance. She made him lie on the ground and came forward to execute neo creation based tasks.

In mythology, Mahakali is depicted as standing and guffawing loudly on Mahakal’s chest who is lying down on the ground. It appears strange that a wife stands on her husband’s chest yet it is of deep significance. Kabir’s ‘Ultavansi’ and Khusroo’s ‘Mukarni’ appear as puzzles and it challenges one’s intellect to unfold its mystery. Instead of trying to find out whether actually Mahakali stood on Mahakal’s chest with a loud guffaw one should probe into its deep import.

Destruction is a very rare action whereas as creation is eternal. Hence destruction out of tiredness lies on the ground. At that time creation carries out 2 fold tasks. One is to naturally create the world and second to repair all that was destroyed. Hence because of this 2 fold utility value Goddess of neo creation is given more importance than God of destruction. When Shiva lies down, Shakti stands. Shiva’s pace retards and Shakti speed ahead. Shiva sleeps and Shakti is awake. Shiva’s importance diminishes and Shakti’s mobility is worshiped. This very fact is symbolically painted wherein Mahakali stands on Shiva’s chest.

Shiva definitely holds the Trishul weapon in his hand and under certain circumstances wields it too yet his heart compassionately yearns for neo creation. Goddess of neo creation Mahakali is his beloved. He always places her in his bosom. As per needs she becomes mobile and radiant. During times of destruction her role is required that much more. During surgery a surgeon requires sharp instruments like needles, scissors, knife etc yet a major role is played by a bandage. Else how could the operated area heal? A surgeon knows this hence he makes use of bandages, gauze, cotton, medicines etc. if destruction is like surgery neo creation is a bandage. Although God does destroy yet deep down the goal is neo creation. Even in a harsh action is embedded sheer compassion. Deep down Mahakal yearns nothing but neo creation. Thus when Shakti stands on Shiva’s chest, it seems as though she has manifested from his compassionate bosom.

One more aim of this depiction is that after destruction it is female power that is required for neo creation. When a father scolds his child the latter runs to its mother for comforting words and she affectionately holds it to her loving bosom. Motherly power is a fount of compassion. In hospitals female nurses are much more efficient than males. Males cannot give such affectionate wholesome education as is given by female teachers in nursery and kindergarten classes of a school. This is because in comparison to males females ooze more with compassion, affection, sense of service and oneness of heart in a very natural manner. Man is naturally harsher and females are compassionate. When both these qualities combine a balanced state is attained else if males harbor only harshness they could only carry out military like actions.

If one carries out studies to find out as to who is more responsible today for such an undesirable messy situation the world over it will go without saying that around 90% of it is because of male harshness and arrogance. About 90% males are criminals, vile, lowly souls and are ones to get punished. Since the present unruly situation is because of males hence they will be punished severely. In future destruction it is they who will face a major portion of the music. Females stay away from harsh activities and their contribution is negligible towards it. Hence because of her spiritual glory in comparison to males she is much more pure, radiant and serene and thus will not face much of divine ire. One more reason why Shakti stands on Shiva’s chest is that when tested for spiritual greatness women rule the roost. She leads over here. From this standpoint when it is proved that men are fallen women by proving their supremacy proudly stands upright with a smile.

In future neo creation instead of constructing buildings, roads, factories etc greater emphasis will be laid on creation of sensitive sentiments in the psyche. In this arena beyond doubt women are more wise, experienced and an authority. Hence definitely they will be given this responsibility. In future neo creation not men but women will play a leading role. In cases of destruction men will lead and in harsh acts their brains will work overtime. It is he who has murdered a normal happy life. He has indeed attacked world peace. Hence it is least surprising that in the last leg of destruction he will lead. Yet he will not be able to neo create world psyche sensitivity which is a must after destruction. This task will be carried out by women. Keeping this fact in mind Mahakali is painted as laughingly stand on the chest of a tired Mahakal who is lying flat on the ground.

Men may have many other special talents yet in the sensitive and spiritual field he lags far behind females. It is hence that whenever women enter the arena of spirituality they march far ahead of their male counterparts. She attains much more and faster results. Mothers love daughters more and bless them more too. Hence it is apt that the incarnation grace of spirituality’s presiding deity Mahashakti easily flows in women. In women, we can find immense amount of potential, capability, wealth and alertness for future neo creation. Hence by allowing men to rest women will come forward and she will create situations of neo creation. Time and again this has happened. When males have attained spiritual success know for sure that females played a major role in it. She may not have reaped fame but it is definite factually that when males have attained a lot of will power females have helped a great deal in that endeavor.

The credit for Ram’s greatness goes to Sita and Kaushalya. If we remove Kaushalya’s nurturing and Sita’s cooperation where will one find Ram’s greatness? Without Sita how can Ram exist? Behind all his activities was Sita’s help. In Krishna’s flute dwelled Radha. Krishna’s greatness was due to Devki and Yashoda’s affection, Kunti’s encouragement and blessings, Draupadi’s faith and Gopi’s love. Without all this, what could Krishna achieve?

Buddha was spiritually educated by his maternal aunt. When he returned from penance, his wife Yashodhara became his disciple. After Ambapali self surrendered Buddha’s mission marched ahead speedily. Wherever one finds radiant people there a lot is achieved. In Pandava’s lives Draupadi played a leading role. Via a female 5 jewel amongst men got a lot of power. This then is a sign of the vault of female energy. Madalsa helped her sons march ahead in the right direction of life. A female can make innumerable men attain their divine status. Her sensitive world is so potent that even when Krishna was not present physically in this world Meera coaxed him into becoming her divine husband and made him dance too.

Virtually all ancient men of penance, spiritual seers, Rishis and great thinkers were married. Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and other demigods’ wives Saraswat, Lakshmi, Kali etc stood by their spouses’ side like pillars both in joy and sorrow. Women’s alluring form has been criticized else they are purer than River Ganges and more radiant than fire. In India’s past history Annie Besant played a major role in its political revolution. Other ladies like Lakshmibai, Sarojini Naidu too have played a major role in this arena. In this revolution in order to create apt situations Ramkrishna Paramhans and Yogi Shri Aurobindo played a great role in a silent but extraordinary manner. Both experienced the presence of woman power. Paramhans was aided by Mahayogini Bhairavi and wife Shardamani and Shri Aurobindo was helped greatly by Divine Mother. There are many such incidences both in India and abroad wherein it is clear that females lead as far as spirituality and sensitive attainments is concerned and with its help male soared high. Thus when Shakti stood on Shiva’s chest it meant that maybe not in other areas but as far as soul force is concerned women stand out.

Future neo creation is close by. In it females will contribute greatly. In the near future so many radiant women will come forward in the public arena they will reap success in the endeavor of neo creation. In the neo created world in every field women will lead. For thousands of years men have led this world but have proved to be miserable failures. Their efforts were inclined not towards creation but was veering towards total destruction. Now the leadership will be wrenched away from them and will be rightly given to women. Instead of obstructing this we must cooperate fully. Instead of irritation we must joyfully accept this. Instead of opposition, welcome it with open arms. We must cooperate with this future wholesome trend. This then is what is being described when Kali stands on Lord Shiva’s chest and laughs aloud.

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