As an entrepreneur, you may be entertaining thoughts of expanding your operations outside of the country. That is not a farfetched thought. We all have big dreams, and we want to make it come true. Good if the business opportunity comes up, since this means we can go to the next level. The only question here is whether we have the means to do so. While your target market may be receptive about what you are offering, the fact remains that you still have to approach that market. Thus, you need an effective sales lead generation campaign. However, there are a few things you need to check before you start your b2b lead generation process:

1. Have you secured your domain names?
This is very important, more so if your business is usually done online. Each domain (for example,,, has its own functions. You have to know what exactly your need and choose the domain extension or name that will best address your business needs. However, eventhough your business is not online you still need to have a website since people nowadays usually prefer to check products and services online before visiting your shop or office.

2. Can you handle the language barrier?
This is also a very important question, whether the purpose is for appointment setting campaign or customer service. Depending on your capability, you might have to invest in a good telemarketing firm that is capable of speaking the language of your intended market. And yes, even in an English-speaking country, the differences in nuances, accents, and slang will give you more reason to work with professionals.

3. What are the taxation, currency exchange, and other policies in place in the target country?
It can be a very complicated process. In cases like these, it is best that you receive professional advice. Hire a taxation lawyer or an accountant familiar with inter-country trade. You do not want to mess up your business operation, which is for sure.

4. Are there privacy laws enforced in the country?
Business data collected during the course of your sales operation in the country are considered important business assets. Depending on government policy or regulations, customer and business privacy is either maintained by the government or simply within the industry. You should know about this detail.

5. Will your intellectual property right be respected in the country?
You have to know if the intellectual property rights that you bring into the country are going to be respected, let alone protected. It is just some of the things that your company must protect, more so if you are going to use it in another country. The last thing you would ever want is to face local competition that used your own ideas – and you cannot stop them from doing so. You have to make sure that your intellectual property rights will be protected in your host country.

Honestly, there are many more ways to ensure that you can still generate qualified B2B leads. Of course, there are other points that may have been overlooked in this article, but feel free to at them in your list. What is important here is that your lead generation campaign will run smoothly in your target country.

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