If you are looking for the best gynecology treatment then you should opt for an ayurvedic gynecologist. This is because Ayurveda through an ancient science is a holistic system of medicine which takes into consideration the body as a whole, unlike allopathic system. The body is analyzed according to the 3 doshas which determine the body type. Based on this information treatment is given with the help of herbs and minerals.

The concept of ayurvedic treatment in gynecology

When you consider the ayurvedic treatment gynecology, it is taken into consideration that a woman goes through many physical and physiological changes from the onset of menstruation till menopause. It is necessary to manage these changes and for this the best system is the system of Ayurveda. Diseases in women are caused due to improper regimen and food. This, in turn, impacts the three doshas Vata, Pitta, and Kapha and creates an imbalance in them. The imbalance in the doshas causes many gynecological problems in women. The most common disorders that women face are a pain in the pelvic, itching or infection in the vagina, excessive discharge from the vagina, abnormal bleeding, and pain and lumps in the breasts.

How the treatment is done

Depending on the combination of doshas the women’s disease or stress rogas are treated by the panchakarma purification method especially uttaravasti. The best gynecologist doctor in Nagpur will be an ayurvedic doctor who specializes in gynecology. You can find such a doctor is a good ayurvedic hospital. Such doctors will be expert in the following treatments involved in panchakarma for women’s diseases:

  • Virechana – this is a medication based purification therapy that cleanses the excess pitta in the body and purifies the blood by removing toxins.
  • Vamana – This is therapeutic vomiting induced by medicines and is an emesis therapy. This therapy removes the excess Kapha from the body and the respiratory tract.
  • Uttaravasti – In women uttaravasti is done during the ritukala or proliferated period only. Diseases of the bladder and genitalia of the females are cured with the help of this procedure.
  • Nasya – This is an ayurvedic therapy which includes inhaling herbal oils through the nasal routes. It is just like drinking the oil through your nose and it takes some practice to be able to do this procedure properly.

How to choose the best ayurvedic hospital for gynecology

The best gynecologist hospitals in Nagpur are the ayurvedic ones because they provide holistic treatment for women’s ailments. These hospitals are also idea for delivering a child and taking care of the woman during pregnancy. In Ayurveda pregnancy is considered to be a very special and spiritual time for a woman. During pregnancy, women tend to glow and look more beautiful. A woman’s intuitive abilities are also high and along with ayurvedic medicines, meditation and other spiritual practices are recommended.

A good ayurvedic doctor will prescribe a particular diet to the woman in pregnancy which will be according to her doshas and somewhat generic which is beneficial for all pregnant women. Ayurveda advises to intake more healthy fats in your diet, it also recommends eating sattvic or pure food. Oil massage is also recommended to nourish the body and mind.

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