To fulfill educational needs of today’s generation; ‘futuristic schools’ are indeed need of the hour. These well thought of and carefully designed schools make use of innovative teaching techniques to supply quality education to children. Their aim is to provide all together a new learning experience to students. This will allow in developing keen interest in students regarding classroom topics and subjects. Also, it will change their perspective about classroom teaching.

On the quest of exploring horizons of education, these schools employ unique methodology and pedagogical approach. These approaches groom all round personality of the student and carve him into a future leader. These insights have developed a whole new school transformation system and have set a benchmark of best practices in education,

For those parents who are looking for best schools in Delhi and other metros, these schools are best as they provide holistic education to children. Best schools must be gauged on these parameters such as - cleanliness, safety, comfort, adequacy, exploring, reliability, easiness, fine infrastructure and technologically sound.

Quality education is helpful in accelerating economic growth. Thus, maximum schools in India must include extraordinary infrastructure and teaching tools to raise standard of education in our country.

Essential elements in 21st century schools

Top schools in Delhi use advanced audio, visual technology and kinesthetic learning techniques to make education effortless and effective. Their efforts are aimed towards shaping the future of the education in such a way to make the schooling years more productive, joyous and enriching.

Digital Teaching System (or DTS) is the most innovative technology in the space of digital classroom content and hardware used in futuristic schools of today.

Smart boards: Smart boards are highly interactive. It makes appear subject come alive. They are great for demonstrations and accommodate different learning styles. The electronic whiteboard is actually a colorful tool that captures the attention of students and enhances their involvement manifolds.

Audio Visual Room: Another important tool widely used in schools. Audio –visual rooms are usually spacious rooms with whiteboards. Children are given exposure to virtual reality and shown their favorite flicks in 3D like hanuman, noddy etc.

Science Corner: Teachers explain the phenomenon of magnetism and other such basic scientific facts to children by conducting experiments on water and air.

The use of interactive technology nurtures young minds and provides opportunity to help them realize their full potential. It carves children into open-minded critical thinkers, with an attitude to experiment and be a visionary.

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