Let's face it, not all friendships are bound to last forever, as there are times when friends cannot withstand and keep up with the shift or the dynamics throughout the years. You may outgrow each other and reality sets in and it happens--just like marriages fail and lovers experiencing heartaches, love lost may occur in friendships.

So what to do if you know that you can't force something that's no longer existing?

Let go of the guilt regarding lost friendships.You heard of the saying, "with friends like that, who needs an enemy?" That's why we have the term frenemies: which could either be referred to as an enemy disguised as a friend.

So how to deal with frenemies you'd rather be without?

Well, why not give awkwardness a chance for once? You have to accept that even the strongest of friendships may experience rocky periods at times, and friendships can even be strengthened by conflict; it may even toughen our tolerance when you know that it's not all the time friends think alike and share the same interests. We may have opposing views, but take note that you don't have to leave when somebody disappoints you. It can be survived by respect and acceptance.

After that, it's better to try having a conversation than totally ending the friendship. Yes, I know it's quite awkward when friends turn into frenemies. But give the person a chance to explain their side and clarify things--it may even pave the way for more tolerance and understanding. If it transforms into a full-blown break up talk, then at least you tried.

However, if you tried everything and still fails, then you know you have to release and let go--quietly. You'll feel that it will be for the mutual best. You can do this by seeing less and less of one another by not inviting to each other's social calendars and events. In that way, it will simply die a natural death.

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