Knowing which direction your future is heading towards can always be highly uncertain. You can spend all your life planning and strategizing, but there are some forces that you just cannot anticipate. That’s why so many people nowadays want to have their Jathakam read by a family astrologer.

The art of Jyothisham has been deeply embedded into Indian culture since the time of the Vedas, with Vedic Astrology being one of the most prevalent forms of astrology around the world even today. The Telugu Poorthi Jathakam is a highly preferred structure to follow in astrology. With just your Kundali, you will be able to attain much insight into your personality and all the ways your life could unfurl around you.

Jyothisham is a very intricate art and delicate since that requires accurate calculations. Learning how to read your chart may come as a challenge for many beginners. Having a professional astrologer get into the logistics of your chart can always help you further understand the planetary alignment. You can attain online Jyothisham in Telugu for free to get a more accurate reading in accordance with the Telugu Almanac.

That being said, if you are attempting to decode your own Jathakam, there are a few basic things you will need to know about.

1.Location and Time of Birth:

The exact location and time, down to the seconds, of your birth, reveal much about how the planets and stars have aligned around you. With this information, you can easily map out your birth chart and see how the different planets affect you.

2.Janma Kundali or Natal chart:

Your natal chart or birth chart forms the base for all your astrological calculations. This chart will be able to tell you about your personality traits, relations with the people around you, career paths, and so on. You can even use a kundali to predict your marriage prospects and compare the same with another person’s kundali to figure out compatibility amongst the two. This is a more complicated process, but you can always opt for free horoscope matching for marriage in Telugu.


Lagna is what is more commonly referred to as the Ascendant sign or the rising sign. This is the sign of the first house or native house. Lagna sign gives a person insight into their physical manifestation onto this world. It explains your outward appearance and personality that you show the world. Lagna, along with the position of the moon, can help you determine what keeps you ticking.


Rashi is essentially a zodiac sign. Any moon placed sign will be referred to as Rashi and there are 12 of them. Rashis hold certain personality traits and attributes. Your birth sign or Janma Rashi will be fixed according to your birth month and your Jathakam will be ruled and controlled by the same.


Few planets of our solar system are referred to as Graha. In traditional Telugu Jyothisham, there are 7 grahas- Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and even the sun and moon are termed as Grahas. Each planet has a certain characteristic attribute to define it. For example, the fiery element is ruled by Mars and the earthy element is ruled by Mercury. Rahu and Ketu are two more Grahas called Chaaya Graha or Shadow planets.


A Bhaav is what is known as a House in astrology. There are 12 Bhav that are ruled by a Rashi and Graha (planet). The house on its own signifies a certain aspect of your life like love, career, travel, and so on. The Bhaava paired with the ruling planet and sign determines how your individual destiny or path is laid out with regard to that aspect.

7.Planetary Exaltation and Debilitation:

Once you have a decent understanding of the above, you must check if a planet is in exaltation or going through debilitation. In Vedic astrology, exaltation can be described as a state of a planet when its influence is elevated when placed in a particular ruling sign. In this state, both planet and sign are in natural harmony and the outcome is quite favorable to you. In the same manner, if a planet is agitated while placed in a particular sign, it is known to be in a state of debilitation. The effects of the planet weaken and struggle with unsuitable outcomes.

8.Navamsa Chart:

The D9 or 9th harmonic chart plays an important role in a person’s life, especially after their 20’s to 30’s. Every planet consists of 30 degrees. If it is divided by 9, then the 9th division of a sign will be referred to as Navamsa. The macroscopic study of the 9th house is what the navamsa chart enables. It gives you an idea into the inexplicable aspects of life like luck, fortune, destiny, and so on.

9.The Position of Sun and Moon:

The sun exhibits outward and bold traits which include appearance, confidence, and outgoingness, while the moon signifies a more internal and emotional attribute in your chart. The position of these two Grahas will show you how you portray yourself to the world and what your natural instincts and intuitions are like.


Dasha is a period of a planet when it is ruling over your chart or is at its peak. In Vedic astrology, there are more than 50 systems of Dasha with Vimshottari Dashe being the most popular one. Rahu Dasha and Ketu Dasha are cycles that unravel a lot of information about the difficulties, challenges, and awards you will receive.

These factors are only a few in an ocean of celestial bodies that affect your life. Understanding these will give you a strong footing in tracing your roots, both emotional and physical. Once you have learned about these players affecting your natal chart, you can predict inevitable occurrences and make decisions about your life easily. Starting out can be hard and not everyone may have the time to learn these attributes, which is why you should consult with a professional and opt for free astrology in Telugu online.

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