In this modern age, finding someone carrying a book and devotedly reading it has been a rare sighting. This frenzy that has become our lives has tethered us to a menial life in which such luxuries are as rare as they come. However, books, in whatever form they take, are an essential part of our lives that cannot be ignored. This is still just one facet of a much larger problem. Every day, most people go through life on autopilot, doing the same things over and over and never knowing something new, all the while wondering how some people can be so successful.


People are eagerly seeking a solution to these problems in order to join this realm of wisdom. The RollingSlate app comes in handy in this situation. It is a free service that picks the most popular and recent books by well-known national and foreign writers and provides a concise chapter-by-chapter description of the book in the form of easily accessible slates or audio books, in both English and regional Indian languages. The interesting thing is that readers will get a gist review of the novel they've wanted to read or are hoping to read, which will have all of the book's key beliefs and wisdom. This keeps your busy schedule going on as it has without losing out on learning and gaining something new.


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RollingSlate App is the best app for book summaries. There are slates that have detailed summaries of every chapter for all of the latest and forthcoming books from the top authors around the globe. Despite your busy schedule, the condensed yet descriptive Slates explicitly crafted for the readers include the key information and knowledge shared by the author of the book to help you learn something new, whether it be by reading slates or listening to them in your chosen language. 


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Yes, you heard it right. You can even listen to the detailed descriptions with the click of a button. Just sit back down, relax on the couch by that window, select one of the top books on society and culture, close your eyes and listen in on the guide to living millions of years in a day through a book summary on the book - "A Million Years in a Day" on the RollingSlate App. It will help you discover how your daily habits are rooted in human history. For millennia, humans’ basic habits have remained unchanged: we get out of bed in the morning, go to the toilet and wash our bodies. Then we grab some food for breakfast, choose our clothes for the day and start communicating with our loved ones and friends. Later in the day, we prepare food and eat and drink together. When the day is over, we brush our teeth, set an alarm and get into bed again. In these slates, you’ll be guided through a day like any other to learn the surprising cultural history of our day-to-day routines, and the many seemingly insignificant actions that can be traced back to our early ancestors. You’ll also learn why Kellogg’s can be considered a lucky mistake, why there’s reason to believe that dog was always man’s best friend, and why refusing a dinner could have had grave consequences in the Babylonian Bronze Age. The key message that the author of the book wants to portray is that we often think that modern life differs greatly from the life of our early ancestors. The truth is that many of our customs and everyday objects date back thousands of years. Be it our love of alcohol, pets or the simple toothbrush, most of the tools and habits we take for granted today can be traced back as far as the Stone Age.

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