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Read the slates on “Conspiracy” for an inside scoop on the downfall of Gawker Media. If you heard about this news in 2016, you'd undoubtedly hear about the case against the infamous gossip website Gawker by ex-wrestler Hulk Hogan. Maybe you know Hogan won and Gawker declared bankruptcy, so what's the story behind this story? How did one of the most valued and dreaded newspapers in America sleepwalk into its own economic disaster? With these slate, we'll have a look at how famous tech investor Peter Thiel surprised the world with his behind-the-scenes conspiracy to destroy Gawker Media. You will explore the source of Gawker's dislike of Thiel, and discover how the controversial media outlet was eventually shut down by his clandestine acts. You will also hear reasons against and for the involvement of Thiel in the case of Hogan, and discuss how Gawker in the first place finds himself on the stand. This is the perfect book summary for you available on RollingSlate App if you want to have a sip of this, once a very hot tea. You will find out why Peter Thiel hated Gawker so much, what a celebrity sex tape had to do with this conspiracy, and how a few determined people plotted to destroy a powerful company.

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