Even the most soulful service provider needs to pay the bills and get a little R & R once in awhile.

When what you do for a living is an extension of your soul, your calling in the world, it is easy to give yourself away in service of others. Although that may sound altruistic and noble to many, the hard truth of the matter is that you do not heat your home, make your car payments, send your kids to college or enjoy a simple vacation without the benefits of money.

Most entrepreneurs have a real talent for what they have to offer yet 80% of them are struggling from client to client.

What I want to present to you today is 4 ways you may not be aware of that could be blocking the income you deserve in your business and your life.

Then I am going to tell you how to clean it up!

We are not talking about branding or marketing or other business building tips and tactics. This is much deeper and ultimately the fundamental backbone of every decision you make and how you set yourself up to receive compensation for your work and abundance in your life. We are talking about money. The two most volatile, button pushing topics in the world are Love and Money.

Most people have a serious love/hate relationship with money. They love it when they have it (or so they think) and they hate it when they do not have it.

Please ask yourself the following questions…

• Do you experience frequent messy money situations?
• Are you refusing income by giving away excess services and feeling insecure that what you have to offer is not being appreciated?
• Do you assume that one has to work hard in order to be successful?
• Are you obsessed with helping others to the point that you put your personal needs so low on the totem pole of importance that you may never see the financial rewards you so richly deserve?

If any of those questions struck a nerve with you then you are experiencing one of the 4 hidden blocks that are literally keeping the income out of your business!

The Blocks
Number One: Your Belief about the value of your time and service (and that of others).
Number Two: Your Belief about whether or not you will be taken care of (trust in yourself, others and the Universe).
Number Three: Your Belief about the money legacy that has been handed to you by your family and culture.
Number Four: Your Belief about other people’s needs being more important than yours.

Every block you experience in your personal and business finances has to do with your beliefs and the habits you have developed as a result of those beliefs. The truly maddening piece of this puzzle is that most of the beliefs that are blocking financial abundance in our business really are hidden.

The belief’s that are running your money program were probably hard wired into your psyche between the ages of 5 and 16 years old. This means that a virtual 5 year old may be running the financial aspect of your business!

The first step in getting these beliefs cleaned up is to bring them out in the open.

Although we do not have the space here to address the many complex layers of our cultural and personal money beliefs and habits, we can certainly address four of the primary core blocks.

Take a look at Block Number One:

What is your belief about the value of your time and service (and that of others)?
Are you constantly discounting or giving your services away? Do you know why?
Perhaps it’s because what you do is easy for you. You have a gift or talent and you want to serve others with your gift. Because what you do is not difficult for you does not mean that it is not valuable.


It is important that you put some serious thought into the benefits that your clients derive as a result of working with you. What is the “value” of that benefit? Make a list of all of the benefits that your clients receive from you both energetically and physically. How is their life improved?

This simple exercise can do wonders for lifting your own self-confidence and ability to convey the value of your service in a manner that your potential clients are eager to work with you regardless of the fee!

Take a look at Block Number Two:

What is your belief about whether or not you will be taken care of (trust in yourself, others and the Universe)?

Do you fear that if you set your fees to be in alignment with the value of your service that no one will show up? Are you anxious about the economy or worry about being overcharged or ripped off by other service providers?


It is imperative for you to trust that the perfect client is looking for exactly what you have to offer and is happy to pay you for the benefit they receive as a result of working with you. Your fear and mistrust of others creates an energetic rift between you and potential clients. The energy you will project is that of mistrust. Even if your actions and intentions are trustworthy, that is not the perception others will feel from you.

A simple practice of keeping a gratitude journal will broaden your awareness in all of the ways that you are presently supported in the world. Every evening before bed make a list of at least 10 things you are grateful for. This is for you to reflect on all the good that already exists. If you are reading this then the odds are pretty great that you have a roof over your head, electricity, food and the ability to read! Nothing is too insignificant when it comes to gratitude. That which we focus on, expands. When you focus on gratitude (especially just before going to sleep) then more things appear in your life to be grateful for!

Take a look at Block Number Three:

What is your belief about the money legacy that has been handed to you by your family and culture?

This is no doubt the most debilitating, money stunting belief category of all! These beliefs sleep deep in our subconscious and surface in our default behavior around money transactions, feelings of worthiness and distortions of piety and greed.


Stop conforming to the financial expectations of others and worrying about what others will think of you. You may be allowing money to “disappear” as a way of playing small and not wanting to rise up above your peers.

Think carefully and make a list of the beliefs and habits you witnessed and may have inherited from your family and culture. Were “rich” people scorned or considered untrustworthy? Were people who worked “hard” admired?

You might come up with a long list of judgements around people who have and don’t have money in their lives.

Take the time it takes to acknowledge that those beliefs do not have to be your beliefs and understand that the people who taught those beliefs had a positive intention of protecting from what they perceived as reality.

Now create a list of ways that you can honor wealth and abundance in your life without making others wrong in their beliefs and allow yourself to become the example of authentic well being in your relationship with money.

Take a look at Block Number Four:

What is your belief about other people’s needs being more important than yours?
Are you discounting your services because you are afraid that the person who is interested in working with you cannot afford to pay you? Have you decided that their needs are more important than you being compensated what you are worth?


Entrepreneurs and especially soulful service providers do what they do for a living because they want to make a difference in other people’s lives.
You must get clear on the fact that if you cannot afford to take care of your own needs then you will not be much good to many others in the world. One way you may alleviate your desire to make a contribution to others would be to associate yourself with a charity or cause that you believe in so that the wealth you create has a purpose that champions others!

Raise your fees frequently and embrace yourself as a positive money role model for others!

The Spiritual Money Path
When you understand and embrace the truth that money is part of your spiritual evolution as a human being the sooner you will become comfortable in having greater and greater quantities of money flow into your business and your life as a means of expressing more of who you really are!

Money is the primary energy of exchange for goods and services in our culture. It has no power other than what we assign to it.

Assign the power of love to the money that flows from you to everything you pay for and receive all that comes to you in the attitude of love and gratitude – because what we focus on expands!
Focus wisely.

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