I don’t talk much about food because I typically tend to shy away from the whole universe of dieting and counting calories. Women’s fitness is my safe place. Ever since I packed on the extra 25 pounds in my younger years, (no it wasn’t pregnancy), I have actually avoided discussions on nutrition. Maybe that’s because when I realized that I had gained all that weight the only thing I could think about was food. I was unable to divert my attention to anything else. My life was centered around what I would eat from meal to meal, what I would snack on, whether I felt justified in having that snack, how much I ate at each meal, how starving I was at every single moment of the day, etc. I could go on and on about the mind games I played with myself during this time in my life. I have never been so fixated on a single thing ever and I can truly say I never want to go there again. Maybe some of you can relate to this….
However, the truth is diet is a part of our lifestyle and as Happy Fit Moms grows, I believe that nutrition is a topic that needs to be discussed openly and positively.
Now this doesn’t mean that we are going to launch a big diet plan on Happy Fit Moms, but I am researching some possible ideas for our members. But that’s another blog
What I would like to focus on is not how little we should eat and how many calories we are chowin’ down, but rather what we are eating and what we get from the foods we choose. Here are some great foods that you can munch on at almost any time of day that will do great benefit to your insides. Check them out:
Kiwi! I love Kiwi. Did you know that kiwi has more than full day’s worth of Vitamin C?
Yogurt! The thought of eating live or active bacteria is kind of gross but the truth is the bacteria can help boost your immune system. Add the kiwi to your yogurt and you have a yummy treat (just a tip)
Broccoli! This must be a veggie made in heaven. Throw out your age cream cause broccoli has a chemical called sulforaphane which contain a set of antioxidant genes that help fight the effects of aging.
Chocolate! Did I say Chocolate? Dark chocolate has disease-fighting flavonoids(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavonoid). Believe it or not, some studies have shown that Dark chocolate can improve your blood pressure and it can lower your insulin. You might want to research how much is too much though.
Perhaps I have saved the best snack for last since there are few of us who dislike chocolate. There are a multitude of foods that are great for you and I hope that this year I can discover many new things about how food is our friend and it was put on the earth for us to eat.

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Tammy Andreotti is the president of HappyFitMoms.com. Her goal is to help busy Moms live out an active and healthy lifestyle through fitness and exercise. Tammy also spends much of her time coaching, and researching the latest information on fitness and well-being.

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