Following Nature’s Cycles
Creating balance in our lives through the rhythm’s and cycles of Nature
Healing ourselves and the Earth
Dolores J. Gozzi

Each individual is always seeking a balance in their life, home, job and environment. Nature and the Elements are a wonderful way to achieve this; yet many of us do not even take the time to sit in nature and receive the healing qualities it has. Eco-psychology values our intimate relationship with Nature and it healing potential.

All life has value and purpose. We are all a part of the webring that connects and interconnects all life. Think about this for a minute; most of us are already using nature as a healing quality from the natural elements we select for our home, office or outside in the yard. Do you have a water fountain? Do you have plants outside or in the house? We invite nature inside our home and outside. How do you feel when you are able to sit down in a park or outside on your porch and just listen to the sounds of the birds or the crickets as they create a harmony and dance the dance of life? Does this relax you? What do you do when you are juggling a million things at one time; most of us often state “I am going home and just turning it all off”. Most of us will usually go within ourselves and use some aspect of nature to balance ourselves and re-create harmony in our mind, body and spirit.

Being in nature actually encourages us to see ourselves as part of the oneness of Life and to live in sustainable ways that care for Earth, our home and the well-being of all life. Our ancestors relied on these rhythms and cycles to survive. Change of seasons, weather, food crops; watching the animals provided all signs for our ancestors on each of the changes that would occur. They were in tune with themselves and the cycles of nature to enhance and enrich their lives.

In order to feel connected to anything; we need to be connected to nature and feel the pulse. We need to feel more in harmony with our life and the world around us. Nature has no labels, no judgment

The Purity of Balance
Within myself and within my environment there has to be an ebb and flow; if something outside of my environment is creating unbalance; then I feel it inside my body and vice versa. So how does one achieve this harmony and homeostasis as within so without. Know when to step in and correct when thinking on a 5 legged term (scientifically) and know when to let the universe guide you in my 4 legged thinking (intuition); this is the balance I use by means of nature and body wisdom.

“The most difficult phase of life; is not when no one understands you; It is when you do not understand yourself” Author Unknown
As we step into the active phase of the year, remember to balance rational logical mind with instinct and intuition. We have laid such importance on our logical minds that we have become used to ignoring our intuition. Learn to listen, to trust, and to act on your inner wisdom and bring your whole self back into balance.

Each of the elements also offers a unique teaching. Earth’s teaching gives us the ability of foundation and taking things step by step. Water’s teaching teaches us about our emotional realm. Air’s teaching teaches us about intention and communication. Fire’s teaching teaches us about transformation and balance. Spirit’s teaching teaches us about each individuals Essence of who we are.

Each of the elements also offers a unique teaching:

Earth is the foundation that holds and contains all of the other elements. Foundation is a starting point that all of us need; having a good foundation helps to ensure a good structure; such as our bodies and carrying out a plan. Earth is the physical realm that can ground and root us to understand and learn about the physical realm we live in. Earth individuals are sensible and can be task oriented to build that foundation and carry out that plan. The trick is not to get "stuck" or too rooted that we cannot or will not see the other elements or situations in our life to expand and grow.

Water teaches us about our emotional realm. We learn to understand the depth of our emotions at times and how it can over run us to the point of no return. The understanding here with water is to not “react” but to “respond” to situations to help those around your process their emotions or your own. Water is the only element that we can see our reflection in and it is a mirror to our soul. Water can help cleanse us physically and emotionally. Water can show you how to magnetize your desires! Water individuals need to “feel” their choices and decisions; if it feels right they do it; if it does not feel right they do not do it.

Air teaches us about Intention, Communication and the Mental Realm. Air assists you in your work with thoughts, focus and eloquent speech. Communicate well with those around you by speaking their elemental language! Air is an element that we cannot see; we can feel it but not see it. Air travels around the world so someone’s thoughts can be communicated through air and travel from one state to another or from one country to another. Air is also the breathing mechanism we all need; as plants produce and filter out for us humans to breathe clean air; as us humans exhale carbon dioxide we help the plants to breathe. We become one within the webstring. Air individuals love to communicate with others and need an environment that lets them be with other individuals that can express themselves.

Fire teaches us about transformation and balance. Like the Phoenix rising up from the ashes to transform his/her self into a new being with balance from this process. Too much fire we get burned or burned out; not enough we do not feel warm and lack the energy we need. Fire is also about Action and having passionate energy. It is used to help individuals ignite their actions with passion! Fire individuals need a constant balanced movement within as without. Changes can come rapid with fire individuals.

Spirit teaches each individual about their own unique essence and what they bring forth with them into this world. Understanding Spirit means we understand our own unique inner gifts and learn to work with them to guide us in this world.

Each Element adds a potent power to your ability to create reality and awaken your inner gifts! We learn to work with these elements as part of nature’s creation; not only can they guide us to make choices and decisions for ourselves for a better life; we learn to live with nature and the environment to be in balance. Remember nature has no labels or judgment; nature and the elements just are!
Dolores J. Gozzi, LMT and Holistic Educator

Let nature guide!

Author's Bio: 

Dolores J. Gozzi, a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master and holistic educational facilitator, integrates the elements and nature into her unique healing work for a holistic process that results in long-lasting health and vitality.

At Nature's Cycles & Healing Thru Bodywork, Dolores utilizes a variety of massage techniques to provide a complete range of natural healing solutions that balance the body and mind. Her nature-inspired programs include working with the five elements of life: earth, water, air, fire and spirit. "I have found this newest venture very helpful in my own life, and in having a better understanding of my patients," she says.

While Dolores had always been interested in nature, it wasn't until she was afforded the opportunity to work with a Shaman at a local hospice at the end of his life that she truly understood its significance. Today, her "Nature Based Programs" are designed to educate, empower and engage others in the healing powers of the surrounding environment.

Dolores is actively involved in several organizations and is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Besides therapeutic and relaxing bodywork services, she offers continuing education, through which she is able to enlighten others by way of classes and workshops that promote healing.