I recently listened to a guided visualization that brought me to a ‘Temple of The Masters” where I was to meet up with my Higher Self. The next thing I see in my mind’s eye is this 12 foot tall woman dressed in white flowing garb and she was literally floating about 6 inches over the ground.

As she got closer and I saw her face I realized she was me. Well, she was what showed up as my Higher Self. I crooked my head back all the way, looked her square in the eyes, and said, “Really? Are you kidding me? This is who I’m supposed to be as my Higher Self? Sorry sistah, this just isn’t going to work!”

In an instant she reduced herself to my human size and her feet landed softly, yet firmly on the ground. She then looked me square in the eyes and said, “Sorry, that was a little much, huh?”

Ya think? When the visualization was over and I was debriefing with my mastermind group, I understood so clearly that spirituality for me is not about floating around in lotus position reciting OM with my head in the clouds. Not that I think that’s bad or weird or wrong, it’s just not for me.

I’m a very practical kind of gal. I must feel grounded with Mother Earth and fully present in my here and now. AT THE SAME TIME I must honor my sacred partnership with God.

So what does spirituality look like for me? It’s a balance between the two. It’s creating a workable partnership with the magic behind the curtain and applying it to my life as it relates today.

It’s bringing a sense of fun and playfulness into my spiritual practice and giving myself permission for it not to have to look like everyone else’s version. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in the meaning of spirituality and we confuse sacredness with seriousness and it gets very heavy, then we lose the importance of making it work for each of us individually.

But what if we could create that perfect balance for ourselves? For me it’s practical spirituality. Finding the way that my spiritual practice fits in with my daily, Earth based activities. It’s like having one foot in each realm.

Your Assignment Identify what your version of spirituality looks and FEELS like. Start by asking your self these questions:

  1. What is spirituality?
  2. What isn’t spirituality?
  3. How do I show up as a spiritual person?
  4. How would I like to show up?
  5. Where do I connect most deeply with spirit? Which environment? Where in my body?
  6. What does being grounded feel like?

If none of these resonate, go deep within and ask whatever feels right for you. I know for me it has been an ongoing journey. Constantly asking myself these questions. If you don’t get a clear picture now, put it away for a bit and go back to revisit next week. Be patient with your self and ask for guidance.

And as always if I can help in any way, please let me know.

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