Are you an expert, or someone who considers his/herself to be extremely knowledgeable on a specific subject? Did you cure your physical or mental illness unconventionally? Do you have a product for sale that you say will change my life? Then please remember these four words: First Do No Harm.
What does this actually mean-- this simple phrase? Well it doesn’t mean do absolutely no harm to anything because that is impossible. Just walking across grass harms the grass. The difference really is in intention. Do not do anything that will bring harm to another if you know that it could bring that harm and you do not have to do it.
Why do I bring this up on a site about self-growth? I do because after reading many books and articles here and other places, I have come to see that many of us do not understand that.
I will use myself for an example. I am in the process of using a holistic approach to my bipolar disorder. With it I have lost weight, gotten into shape, removed two of my psychiatric medications, and become much more balanced emotionally. I am thrilled with what I am doing and excited to share my success with everyone.
However, I need to remember I am not everyone. Some people who are living with bipolar and other mental illnesses may not have the same success I am having with the same techniques. Some may need to remain on medication; some may need a different diet or different supplements. Some may need therapy. When I begin to say that my success can be copied by others if they follow my personal plan, I plant the potential for harm.
Each person must look at the issues in their life, educate themselves and with the help of others, both support people and professionals, decide what the right path is for them. I am especially afraid of people who suggest that mentally ill individuals stop, never start or change their medications. Although my ultimate goal is to be free of psychiatric medications, I understand I may not reach that goal, and for others, the wrong approach to medication may even make them suicidal.
So when writing your self help books, or article, selling your product, sharing your story or promoting your event, please remember; First, Do No Harm.

Author's Bio: 

I am a person living with bipolar disorder and approaching it with a holostic and positive approach. I have tried many ways of dealing with my illness but only proclaim to be an expecrt on my own disease> I am educated on the disorder but that is different from knowign how someone else should live. I have a degree in Human Services with an interest in spirituality, holistic living, abundance and culture.