Frequently I receive emails from women that desire a romantic relationship yet never go anywhere or do anything that would help facilitate meeting good men.

Landing a partner for life does not usually happen at the grocery store, nail salon or single moms club. Even if you go register with online dating services or a matchmaker, please understand that it really comes down to you getting yourself out there to the right places to meet new people.

Mr. Good Guy is probably not going to appear in a UPS uniform at your door to tell you he has been secretly in love with you since the first day he delivered the pink cat bed for Mittens. Your Dream Date is not going to magically appear at the library where you have been hiding in the corner reading romance novels. Finding a good man, the right man, will take effort on your part to think differently.

People get in ruts without even noticing. A possible routine you may be in is by attending events that mostly women attend. So break free from the old patterns and get daring! Register for a sports group like volleyball at the park or tennis. Dance lessons may steer you safely into the arms of a complete stranger and it could be fun. College courses could land you a date you never expected. The key here is to become aware and available to meet new people. Don’t turn down invitations just because it’s not what you are used to doing.

Keep in mind that you are taking these steps to meet people, not single men. If you have ever been in a job hunt you know you stayed alert to meet someone who could have led you to a job lead. The same principle applies here. Position yourself to engage in conversations with new contacts that just may be the conduit to introducing you to Mr. Good Guy!

With summer in full swing now, here’s an idea: create an event whether it be a BBQ, small gathering at your home, or even a day at the park, invite your friends with one requirement. Tell them they must bring a single friend of the opposite sex. This is a win-win situation. Each attendee will have an opportunity to meet a new potential date and your social life will grow! This could lead to exciting activities on your calendar for the rest of the year and beyond!

The bottom line here is that no matter what you want in life, it takes effort, creative thinking and a willingness to try new things. There is no down side here. You will grow as an individual. You will expand your friendships. You may step into fresh waters of adventure and find that you really enjoy the new activity after all. And last but certainly not least, Mr. Good Guy may be waiting for you on the other side of a door you never considered walking through before!

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Jonathon Aslay
Dating and Relationship Coach Expert
Jonathon Aslay is a Dating and Relationship Coach who is a Heart Protector for Women and a Guy Spy into the male mind.
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