Activity without fulfilment is just passing time while your body decays. It does not fulfil the emotional needs. Only by creating according to your own personal nature can fulfil that. If there is no channel for you to be creative, then the energy that is available for that must be used somewhere else.

Gas in a car is good, gas on an open fire is not good. A burning match on a controlled, focused gas vent on the stove or heater is good, a burning match in a room with closed doors and windows filled with gas from a bottle that was was leaking slowly is not good.

Some people have the need to create. That need is an energy. That energy is accumulating because it is constantly produced just as your blood is constantly being produced and cleansed while it runs through your lungs and heart. This is the connection between Intellect⎯Emotions⎯Body.

When a major activity or place where the creative energy has been focused is removed, a state of confusion is created. That confusion can be blinding. It blinds the person from the possibility of seeing and finding a new direction and place.

This happens because the place that was just removed was really just another temporary replacement for the original natural place of the person to direct their creative talents. The band-aid was pulled off before the cut had healed, with the scab stuck to the band-aid. Pain and suffering is so overwhelming that all else is forgotten.

Finding the place to vent and apply your personal creative nature, talents and skills will clear up the mind and bring focus.

The problem is that in the sate of confusion, a person on their own cannot see that path.

Take a few moments to list anything and everything that you can remember you ever enjoyed. What it was or how old you where is irrelevant. Go back to as young as you can remember and list anything you really enjoyed, and just note about what age you were at the time.

That list will be useful in finding a direction to focus the energy that is available but now wrongly used, which is causing the confusion and difficulties.

Some people are by nature operators, others are creators. To be a creator is to let other people operate what you create. Each needs the other equally.

Unhappiness comes when you are doing someone else’s job because doing that means you are not doing your own job.

If my creator suffers, I suffer.
If the parent suffers the child suffers.
Whatever the disease of the parent, the child may inherit genetically and emotionally.

Many parents are unfilled in their lives because they have not used their natural talents, all because they had to do what the right thing was. Or worse than that, they believed the illusion that people are a certain way and to be other than that is wrong so they felt that something was wrong with them. Funny enough, knowing that something must be wrong was as far as it got, they never found out what that really was. You may be subject to the same situation.

Skills are not the only aspect of a persons nature. There are many types of personalities and characters, and that is the level that must be understood and expressed. In finding that, then your skills or work in the world becomes easy to find.

If you can’t find what is wrong, then maybe you are looking in the wrong place because you lack the knowledge of the machine you are trying to find the problem with, namely the mind.

Learn how the machine of the mind and personality functions and then you can find where the problem is, and then you can correct it. If you cannot find that knowledge on your own, then the fault is in the lack of knowledge, so go find the knowledge.

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David is The Entrepreneur Monk, a rag to riches story by understanding the mind and emotions.
Retiring at 29, he resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
David designed an iPhone app to build Intuition called ForeSight visit More about David