There is no question that, without my mentors, I would not be where I am today, operating a home-based business that has done more than $30 million in sales, while helping people around the world. I feel truly blessed.

You have to have people in your life who can see your blind spots...AND who can see your greatness and lead you to more.
This may surprise you, but every time the perfect mentor showed up in my life, the timing was inconvenient and the investment was not comfortable, to say the least.

And that’s why I quickly learned not to use “comfort” or “convenience” as indicators of whether to take action.
So what criteria DID I use when looking for the right mentor for me? Here are five of the questions that I asked myself. I suggest that you consider doing the same or tweak the questions to fit what’s important to you.

1. Do they have a specific and proven business strategy?

You have a vision, right? Even if it’s not clearly defined yet, you want to know what your mentor’s structure is for helping you make it real. What training, tools, and systems do they use themselves and offer to you so that you can enjoy getting results too?

2. Do you trust them?

Do you believe what they say? I have registered for programs with people where I wanted what they had, but I figured out that I didn’t trust them, so I couldn’t take their advice. Now, that’s not the same question as whether they trigger you. If that’s happening, you want to check in and see if that might be an area for growth. But if you feel that their agenda for themselves is bigger than their agenda for you, consider going the other way.

3. Do they support you in being guided by your own trusted source?

Sometimes the mentor needs to have the answers, but sometimes you need to look within. A good mentor knows when to tell you to look inside yourself and even offers some suggestions and exercises to help you connect with your own inner knowing.

4. Do they inspire you?

Is their vision big? Are they blazing the trail that you want to follow? Do you think bigger when you hear their words and see their action? Every mentor that I’ve made great progress under I have found hugely inspirational.

5. Are they still relevant?

This is the biggie. Are they still in the trenches doing what they’re teaching? Are they using their own strategies to get big results themselves? How many mentors do you see out there talking about speaking but they haven’t been on a stage for 20 years? Whatever you want to learn, make sure the mentor you’re considering is still in the game and on the court versus sitting in the stands shouting out plays.

Bonus Tip
After you’ve chosen your mentor, commit 100%. Don’t keep looking around, second-guessing your choice, asking all of your friends if you did the right thing. Stay focused, master the strategies your mentor is known for, and let their proven systems work their magic for you!

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