Compliment yourselves, believe in yourselves, and give yourselves credit.

You are wonderful people; each and every one of you has many talents. You have achieved much in your lives. You are dear people.
All you have to do is acknowledge it, believe in it and cultivate it. I once heard a dear person say – “The perfect person for being myself – is me”. And so, the most perfect person for being you - is you”. It is a wonderful sentence.
Please remember it and give yourself credit for the wonderful person you are. Believe in yourself and in what you are able to do. Believe in your ability to love and be happy. Believe in your inner light and that you can create so much. Even the sky is not the limit. Believe in the multitude of possibilities for you. Believe that you can believe!

Give yourselves a kind word. Stand in front of the mirror and say a kind word to yourselves. Give yourselves credit for things you are successful in, for things you have accomplished, for gifts you have given to the world, for your good qualities, for the beauty within you.
Thank yourself for the beautiful plant that you have placed in your house, for the good cake you baked, or for the beautiful picture you hung on the wall.
Let yourselves enjoy who you are.

Two exercises that will assist you

First exercise – complimenting one’s self

Make a list of things you love about yourself. For example: “I am smart”, “I am kind”, “I have a great sense of humor”, “I have pretty eyes”, “I am very friendly and I make people feel good about themselves”.
Make this list and within it you will find yourselves. You will find out how loveable you are. You will find out your useful and good qualities.
First you might need to strain your brain a little but the rest will soon to follow.

You are wonderful people. Much love to you…

Here is an example of the one of my attribute lists:
Complimenting Myself:
 I am filled with love and give love to the universe
 I am kind and helpful
 I am friendly
 I am beautiful
 I am filled with happiness and optimism and I share it with my surroundings all the time
 I am aware of my ability to create in my life
 I am able to solve any dilemma
 I eat healthy and take care of my body
 I am intelligent

Second exercise –Accomplishments

Make a list of all the things you have accomplished in your daily life, things you feel you have been successful in. Note these things and add a few of the sentiments you that have felt while achieving them. Describe them in detail.
Experience once more those good sentiments through the writing. Later you will be able to relive the event and sentiments while reading them once more.
You can also add more small achievements every time you recall them. Soon enough more and more insights will come to you as you realize that the act of adding achievements is the greatest success.

Here is a list of my achievements in the recent past:
My Achievements:
 One of my paintings was hung in my parents’ dining room. The painting is pretty and expresses joy.
 I made wonderful breakfast for my friends and they all enjoyed it.
 I finished my Bachelors and Masters Degree
 I help people find the good and beautiful within them
 I helped a friend buy a shirt that looks good on him
 I attended a good workshop on attracting abundance and it helped me attract the things I wanted in my life
 I was successful in managing a project at work

Now read what you wrote and see how wonderful you are.

Life, Love, Joy,


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Hagit Dayan
Creator, writer, artist, entrepreneur, a happy person
Founder of the website the website that was founded to fulfill her dream of creating a place that is all about good, loving, joyful and healthy living.
Author of the book "Love, Life, Joy", Co-Author of the cook book "Tasty and Healthy"