Where do you look for solution when some aspects of your business are running out of steam?

It may not be your house Feng Shui that is bad but what is happening in your office.

If you have a business and it is operating out of a business premise, you need to make a Feng Shui audit of the premise to check for any undesirable element that is causing the problems. Aside from the practical side of doing business, there may be other extraordinary factors that a rational mind is unable to fathom. This is when you need to look at the metaphysics side of your operation.

Based on Feng Shui principle, a premise is divided into eight palaces which are demarcated by compass directions. Each of these palaces represents an aspect of human life and aspirations such as creativity, public relation, intelligence, decision making, etc. Ideally, a premise should have ample space that allows qi or natural life energy to permeate all eight palaces. When qi can flow unhindered within the four corners of a palace, it is said to be flowing evenly. The occupants can benefit from its positive energy that will result in increased productivity and hence, a thriving business.

However, when qi is not able to find its way around a premise because of clutter, tightness of space, dark corners or missing corners, it can result in a lethargic and unmotivated work force that is void of vigor and creativity. Staff tends to make more mistakes and relationship conflict is a frequent occurrence. Eventually, the business suffers for want of efficiency and service. In this scenario, a major renovation of the business premises in accordance to Feng Shui principles may be in order to rejuvenate business operations. Alternatively, a relook into the office spatial distribution based on Feng Shui principles may just be what is needed for business to pick up.

A premise may have negative features in certain palaces that obstruct the flow of qi and what Feng Shui can do is to remove the root of the problem. Simple isn’t? However, before you do that, you need to know what constitute a negative feature in Feng Shui.

The following are some examples of negative features inside or outside a palace:-

- Overhead beams that protrude menacingly
- Dark and damp areas that is void of sunlight
- Cramp and cluttered space that restrict free movement
- Trees or lamppost or T-junction in vicinity of the palace
- A missing palace (a third of the sector is cut off due to poor office design)

If any of these features are found in or near a palace, certain aspects of the business operations are likely to experience setbacks that relates to the human aspects associated with the palace.

For example, if the north is affected by a negative feature, the activities that are likely to be negated are research, strategic planning, analytical work, etc. If the east is negatively affected, the people working in the area will find it hard to adapt and be creative. Relationship between co-workers is beset with arguments and misunderstandings.
When you look closely at the problems that plaque your business, you may just find that one of the palaces in your premise is having a negative feature of the metaphysical kind. You can either consult with a Feng Shui master or DIY.

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