Feng Shui Tips for Love by Laura Cerrano

Feng Shui is a lifestyle that can be incorporated into your daily routine, even if you only choose certain components. Feng Shui can be incorporated into all that you do in life, including calling in love. Before this process starts, understand the type of person you intend to come into your life. Think about all the positive qualities, not just the physical ones. Also be mindful not to say," I do not want my future loved one to be like this, or do that...etc" It's best to just focus on the positive,"I love my future love to be adventures, spontaneous, trustful, honest, etc..."

Where is my Love area according to my home?

There are so many methods of Feng Shui, the method that Laura Cerrano follows is the Ba-gua. From the main entrance of you home hold the Ba-gua map at your stomach. Make sure the sections that says, "career" is closest to your stomach. Now you are laying out your entire home with the Ba-gua. What ever area is located in the furthest back right hand corner of your entire home is your "partnership" area, the Love corner.

How do I address the Love area according to Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is about equality and fairness. To address that area, they say to place items that represent love to you that are of equal size. Why? this promotes equality in the relationship, no power play of one over the other. The accent color to place in this section is pink. Pink is the color of love. Some may place pink candles, poems or affirmations of love, plant with pink or accent of pink pottery, maybe have pictures of a loved one or artwork with a touch of pink in it to promote love.

If you seeking love, can you address love from the whole home?

Yes you can! have touches of pink throughout the entire home. For example in the bathroom it's suggested to have two towels instead of one hang up. the intention is that you are making room for the second person to share the space with you. Some may even have an extra tooth brush on hand :)

In the bedroom it's suggested to leave a dresser draw unoccupied with the intention again of making room for a potential loved one.

These are some simple Feng Shui tips that you can use today to enhance the Love area of you life and home. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to Laura Cerrano Feng Shui Expert for more answers.

Author's Bio: 

Laura Cerrano is a Feng Shui NY Certified consultant with over 12 years of on site consulting experience. Laura established Feng Shui Manhattan in 2000 and co-founded Feng Shui LI in 1997 with Carole Provenzale.

She has studied with numerous Feng Shui Master and continue her studied with Native American Shamans.