Although fall is almost over, it's not too late for a Feel Good Fall article.

These articles are designed to boost your mood.

Every Monday I throw link parties that boost people's inspiration and positivity.

Participants share ideas for crafts, recipes, and tips that will make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Two of them recently ranked on Google. If you want to see the best linky parties according to Google, check them out. Although it's too late to share your own inspiration, it's never too late to get inspired.

No article about inspiration would be complete without inspirational quotes.

If you feel like there is something wrong due to your preoccupation with social media, you need to read these social media quotes. You will discover you are not alone:

I learned about the You Matter program in an educational seminar.
Students need to know that their life matters. Teen suicide is a big problem in the world.
The truth is all people need to know that they matter especially now around the holidadys when loneliness leads to depression.

Thankful Thursday Quotes
I originally devised this post to be about hashtags for every day. What started as Thankful Thursday hashtags turned into Thankful Thursday quotes and images. I keep adding to them, so be sure to check out the updates.

My post sharing Good Vibes is the first "quote post" I ever published. Hot on its heels, I published more quote posts like the one above. Be sure to check out these good vibes quotes.They were so popular, such a traffic generator, I thought my blog was broken:

No Feel Good in Fall post would be complete without smiles. Chuckles and outright laughter would be great too. I never considered myself a funny writer, so the interest in these humorous posts is great.

Music is food for the soul. Lately, when I write about music, I share how you can use music on Instagram. Earlier posts wrote about Soundcloud. My musical posts that generate the most interest are how to use music on Instagram:

Do you want to sing on TikTok but can't hold a microphone while recording? Here is your solution:

If you want to download music from social media, you can for free:

Here are songs about any social media site:

In closing, these articles are designed to make you feel good. Have a great rest to your Feel Good Fall!

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