Fear can own you if you allow it. All we have to do is accept it for what it is …fear it is natural and everyone young and old, rich or poor no matter what walk of life every single person on earth will at one point or another will experience fear. There is no way to avoid feeling afraid every once in a while.

What good is it to us? If you allow it fear can own you. Speaking for myself I can say that I personally do not allow fear to own me. By focusing on the goal or the task at hand I continue to work through the feeling whenever I encounter it. I acknowledge fear as the powerful emotion that it is, but I do not allow it to paralyze me, well maybe I let it slow me down.

Several years ago I decided to relocate from New York which had been the only place I had ever lived. My family and friend and all resided in New York. I do admit that At that point I have to admit that I felt nervous and excitement but the day of the move as I was on my way to the airport with my son next to me fear just gripped me. I began to doubt my decision to move and second guess myself as a whole. So I decided to look into what was making me feel apprehensive. I was not surprise to find out it was fear, took it a step further to identify what type of fear, and it was fear of the unknown that was taking a hold of me. My very special cure was to breathe through it, which was not easy. My relocation plan was in the best interest of my family. I relocated and several times after the relocation fear has paid me a visit but I recognize it and look over my plans for any flaws and keep going.

There are many of us, that at one point or another we get that visit from fear but we face it head on and it (fear) backs down quickly other times we have to stand up firm and not let it own us.

Normally I take a full inventory of the situation and break things down into simpler more manageable tasks, some of the things I ask my are: …

    • Why am I afraid??
    • What about this situation or person is causing me to react like this?
    • What can I do not to feel this way?
    • I use some of the lessons learned from past situations and see if I can apply some of these lessons already learned to this situation
    • I ask myself what skills do I already possess that will allow me to work through this situation or deal with this person

Fear is another emotion, but it can be powerful and overwhelming. If you can’t work through it there is a possibility that you will not be able to achieve the goal you have set out to obtain. Fear can become a great big obstacle if you let it. So do not let fear own you give it the respect it deserves and move on.

I have shared with you how I deal with fear do you have any suggestions how to deal with fear.

Author's Bio: 

Carmen is a New York native, recently transplanted to Texas. Single mother of 2 children, the youngest will be “flying the coop” this summer. After a life dedicated to raising her children she now finds herself facing an Empty Nest.

To learn more about how to prepare for Life After Children (AC) or coping with Empty Nest Syndrome simply visit http://LifeNextStage.com. Life Next Stage was created to help other parents facing an empty nest phase, its an adventure not the end of the world