As the year 2022 starts, Venus would bring about much romance and sensuous moments in your love life. You would be well prepared to start a new relationship then. As the second quarter of the year unwinds, you would be able to meet a potential partner by accident or other social contacts. But then the middle of the year would impede all love prospects thanks to the aspects of Mars. The outer planets though would greatly improve your marriage or love for the year ahead. They make sure that your relationships stand the test of time. Jupiter would bring about a sense of commitment in your relationships for the year. Peace and happiness would prevail. But be prepared to expect the unexpected in your love and marriage for the year ahead.

  • Married Capricorns are assured of conjugal felicity this year.
  • For this year, Saturn in Capricorn would be aspecting your 7th house of Cancer and this might bring about occasional troubles in your relationships.
  • But you would be strong enough to withstand any relationship issues for the year as Jupiter would also be aspecting your 7th house of love and marriage.
  • Around mid-year, Mars the fiery planet would bring about some rifts and conflicts in your relationships.
  • For Capricorns, partner or spouse would be a great strength of love Capricorn and support all this year.
  • Love would materialize into marriage with the consent of family for some Caps.
  • The last quarter of the year forebodes goodness in love and marriage for Capricorns.

Family Horoscope for Capricorn 2022

As the year 2022 starts, Jupiter would be placed in your 2nd house of family in Aquarius. This is a favorable position and predicts goodness in your family life. Auspicious events and births in the family would bring happiness and joy this year. Peace and harmony would prevail in your family environment. Through the year, you would be equally dedicated to your family as you are to your career or business. But then Rahu might bring about some health issues to family members this year, be cautious. This year, your family and friends might ask a reasonable amount of your finances. Go on splurge, but do not let anyone take you or your resources for granted.

  • This would be quite an average year as far as your familial life is concerned.
  • There might be unhappiness at times, as health issues of family members would be source of concern.
  • Do not yield to any financial strains owing to relatives and in-laws for the year as this might spoil cordial relationships with them.
  • Purchase of much landed property on the cards this period.
  • The middle of the year might bring about some family discords, you ought to step in to bring about a congenial atmosphere around.
  • Jupiter posited favourably for you forebodes goodness in family life despite troubles around.
  • Be prepared for marriages and births in the family, which would bring about happiness.

Beware of enmity brought about some relatives and in-laws this period, they might hamper your peace of mind.

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