When you are working hard at your business (whatever business that may be), it is very easy to just pay your bills and go with the flow. This is particularly true when you are in network or multilevel marketing. When was the last time you really seriously looked at your bank statement? When was the last time you seriously evaluated your expenses? Here are some ideas of where you might be able to cut expenses without noticing any changes in how you do business or how the business runs.

Domain renewals. These can add up pretty quickly. Because they often come due only once a year, are usually fairly inexpensive, and are automatically deducted, it is easy to just pay the bill without ever thinking about it. Even if you have already paid, look at the charge. It is pretty easy to call up GoDaddy and have them refund the change they just took out for the domain name of an MLM that you got out of two years ago. While you’re at it, you might look and see when other domain names are coming due. Either make a note of that fact somewhere, or, if you aren’t using them, go ahead and cancel them now.

Autoships. If you are no longer with a company and no longer want to use their products, don’t forget to drop the autoship! If you do forget and send something back, make sure you get credited. While you can send it back unopened, it is better to send it back and request some kind of proof that they received it. It is very difficult to get your money back when it becomes your word against theirs that something was returned. Don’t forget to check the statement and make sure the charge was refunded!

Services. Check and make sure that you are really using all those services you signed up for six months ago. Again, sometimes these charges can be fairly small and they are easy to overlook, but there is no reason to pay for something you no longer use.

Company Placeholders. Did you join a MLM or network marketing company by just holding a place? How long ago? What is it costing you a month? Are you ever going to really promote this company? Maybe it’s time to make a decision. If this looks like something you are going to do, then do it. If not, get out and drop the charges.

Running a multilevel marketing and/or network marketing businesses can significantly cut into your profits if you don’t watch your expenses. Many of the charges are small and easy to overlook, so be sure you are evaluating all your expenses and getting your money’s worth.

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"Dr. Robin Rushlo", is a well known MLM Radio personality and is nationally recognized as an expert in the network marketing business.He is the current host of the radio show, "Networking with the Blindguy"live daily, http://www.mysuccessfactors.net/MySystem.html and http://www.robintrushlo.com.