Maintaining beautiful, healthy, and youthful skin takes a lot of work. Not everyone is blessed with naturally smooth and beautiful skin from birth. That doesn't mean though that if you usually have dry, coarse skin you will have to suffer that for the rest of your life. Like most things in life, you need to work for it in order to achieve it and enjoy its benefits.

There are two important parts of skin care that women should make part of their everyday routine. First is cleaning, the second is caring.

Hygiene plays an important part in skin care because dirt and impurities can directly blemish and harm the skin. Cleansing then should be the first on your daily skin care regimen. Every evening when you get home from work or school, take a shower and use a deep-pore cleanser. Choose facial and body washes with very tiny beads for microdermabrasion. They are very good at removing deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells, so they also promote skin rejuvenation. If you're using a loofah be gentle in scrubbing your skin, otherwise it will become dry and painful. You can also use your favorite germicidal soap and follow it up with a milder milk-based soap or the like.

After cleansing, start pampering your skin. In the mornings, lather on facial cream and body lotion with a high SPF. If you're going to do sports and other activities that will expose you to the sun for hours, put on some sunblock. The UV rays from the sun are one of the causes for fast skin aging. They cause the formation of random dark spots, freckles, sunburn, and also wrinkles. On summer days, bring an umbrella or wear a wide-brimmed hat for good measure.

You can also use other facial creams and body lotions targeting problem areas like wrinkles around the eyes, stretch marks behind the knees and over the belly, large pores, and dark skin areas. Remember not to use too many at the same time though, because an excess of chemicals may damage instead of revitalize. Besides, conflicting products may not work as well as they would when applied solo. Buy them from a trusted skin centre so that you can be sure of their effectiveness.

If you're going to put on makeup, make sure it is hypo-allergenic and compatible with your skin type. Remember the SOP when buying new makeup: do a patch test first and see if your skin has a negative reaction to the substances in the makeup. At the end of each day, use a very good makeup remover to clean your face thoroughly. Remember that your makeup will undoubtedly be mixing with the natural oils in your skin, so it will be difficult to remove with merely a tissue or even soap and water.

Lastly, don't forget to moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize. This is important for preserving your skin's elasticity, smoothness, softness, and youthfulness. Put on moisturizer in the morning and evening or on any time of the day when your skin feels dry and tight.

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