What are our goals? The dictionary defines goals as - (noun) something that somebody wants to achieve.

When setting goals, set what I call SMART goals:
• Specific
• Measurable
• Authentic
• Resonate
• Thrilling

If you start to Envision Goals that are SMART, your life will change.
Let me give you an example of a SMART goal, which happens to be my own personal goal. “I will release 15 pounds enabling me to fit more comfortably in my clothes, look better, and feel better by Jan. 17th, 2010.” Achieving this goal will increase my self-esteem as well as my health and ultimately I will feel more confident, beautiful and attractive.

Improved self-care = better self-esteem, which enhances all my relationships, professional and personal, especially with my husband.

My goal is a SMART goal… it is specific, stating what I want to do and by when. It’s measurable; I am able to measure it not only because there is a number attached to it, but I also use descriptive words and feelings. It’s authentic; it’s what’s true for me. It resonates; it’s what excites me. And it’s thrilling; it really gets me going because of the great benefits I will receive.

It is important to remember that when you’re working with your goals, the goal itself is just a landmark or a signpost that you’re going to use as you move forward in life. Goals are a way of measuring progress as well as evaluating the effectiveness of your actions. It’s also important to remember that if you do not reach your goal by your “date,” it’s okay.

You always have the opportunity to reevaluate and see if you truly committed to that goal. It’s fine if you’re not. It was your goal in the first place. Then review the actions you have been taking, are they really appropriate? Give yourself permission to take a look and see what’s going on, if you haven’t reached your goal.

It’s also important when setting goals that there is something compelling about the goal that “stretches” you, metaphorically speaking, to grow.

In order to grow and gain strength, you must stretch. Stretching is a key component in everything we do in our lives. Before a workout you stretch. Most animals stretch. Have you ever watched a dog or a cat get up? The very first thing they do is stretch. We humans don’t take the time to stretch before we move. Take the time to start stretching and preparing yourself to reach another level, this will help protect you from possible emotional injury and increase your chances of reaching your goals.

Goal setting will give you specific direction and an action plan for making something real. This is where you get to picture mentally, some future events and envision what they may be like. You get to ask yourself what you want to work towards. What do you want to accomplish? See it in your mind; it is possible if you first make it a goal.

Goals need to be more than just a glorified to-do list. I encourage you to set exciting, challenging goals, and to welcome the occasional failure.

Another key component once you set that goal…write it down! Writing down a goal gives it validity; it’s like publishing it. It puts it forth in the universe. It makes it a real and tangible, “something to go for.” So it’s really important that once you’ve said it, you write it down.

Next, create the strategy by which you will achieve this goal. How will you go about achieving this goal? What actions will you need to take? Will you need to ask for help?

Take a moment…

Imagine how you feel when you have something to strive for?
What are some of the rewards that you can think about giving yourself when you do achieve a goal?
What are our goals?
What purpose or towards what endeavor are you going to direct something?

Have fun and make your goals Specific, Measurable, Authentic, they must Resonate with you and be Thrilling!

Author's Bio: 

Susan Birmingham is an Executive Coach who specializes in working with business women. She is also the founder & president of Birmingham Results, LLC as well as creator of www.birminghamresults.com and The ESTEEM Principle™.