What are environmental chambers used for?

Environmental chambers are used throughout lots of industries wherever a product needs to be tested at certain temperatures. It is used a lot for biological purposes and for testing electronic devices and components. The chamber provides an artificial environment which replaces the conditions that the product may be exposed to. This enables manufacturers to ensure that their product is fit for purpose.

What else can environmental chambers be used for?

Environmental chambers can be used to test extreme temperatures from minus 80 degrees C to 300 degrees C. They can also be used for humidity tests. There are thermal shock tests which can take place in environmental chambers and these consist of exposing a product to extreme temperatures of hot and cold alternately. Stress screening, thermal cycling and corrosion tests can also take place within these chambers. Of course, it is really important to be absolutely sure that chambers of this type are totally reliable and they should serviced at regular intervals.

Where is the best place to go for environmental chambers?

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