Out of need, curiosity and often desperation to be helped, we tend to grasp onto thoughts and ideas that will seemingly solve our health problems but invariably do not. Part of the problem is our lack of knowledge and understanding, and the remainder is due to the persuasion of the persons presenting us with these wonderful benefits that we will receive if we follow their magical advice. In some cases the claims being made may indeed have partial and temporary benefits. In others the claims may be outlandish and false. In our humble opinion all such claims should be carefully scrutinized and have some semblance of both a scientific and God-centered basis. Nowhere should this be more required than in the holistic field of energy medicine and specifically in the healing power claims of energy transfer at either close proximity or at global distances.

Energy is everywhere because God’s energy is omnipresent. God’s energy exists in water, plants, animals, rocks, and even inanimate objects. If you stand on the ground and practice Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong, you can draw in energy from the earth and store that energy in your body. You can also pull in God’s energy from the Heavens ─ the stars, sun, moon, planets, galaxies and from the elementary particles of space itself. According to the physicists, there is an unseen Higgs field with which all elementary particles interact and acquire mass. Since all mass has energy, elementary particles thus have energy that allows them to be part of a unified whole that is in a dynamic state of flux. This network of energy we propose is an invisible God Field that occupies the entire universe, and in a recent article we suggested that the physicist’s unseen Higgs Field and the spiritualist’s invisible God Field are one and the same.

Quantum Physics:
If you are working hypothetically as a physicist in the CERN Laboratories in Switzerland and you create two elementary particles with opposite spins and then send one particle to the South Pole and the other to the North Pole, the particles still communicate their spin directions to each other. Suppose the particle in the South Pole spins clockwise, then the particle in the North Pole in turn will spin counter clockwise. If the particle in the South Pole changes its spin from clockwise to counterclockwise, then it’s counterpart in the North Pole will change its spin from counterclockwise to clockwise. Einstein and his collaborators at the Institute of Advanced Study at Princeton University called this instantaneous communication, “Spooky interaction at a distance.”

We suggest that at the time of the Big Bang, only God’s special Light energy particles existed in a resting state. When God caused the Big Bang and initiated our universe, His resting energy particles became kinetic energy and correspondingly enlarged with the expansion of our universe. Our spiritual calculations further suggest that God’s special compacted Light energy particles occupy approximately 625 billion miles and that this enormous amount of God energy particles could easily spread out to become the three dimensional space of the universe itself. God also endowed human beings with a soul that is independently intelligent from the human brain, and like oxygen serves as a life vitality force to keep us alive. During pregnancy the fetus receives a new piece of God’s energy as well as old pieces of soul energies carried over from past lives that together constitute our Divine soul. It is the old soul energy of our most recent past life that gets rejuvenated in Heaven so that the entire Divine soul that integrates into the human brain of the fetus and then gradually spreads to all our organs and cells after birth is one-hundred percent positive.

The Human Body
Isaac Newton suggested that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we hypothetically substitute spins of these quantum physics particles with the opposites ─ positive and negative energy ─ then we can also create a two way exchange. Our suggestion is only hypothetical because God’s endowment of energy to these particles is solely positive energy. However both of these states of matter, positive and negative energy, do exist in one organic system on the planet ─ the human body. Negative energy is found nowhere else as God designed human beings with unique traits. In Genesis God tells Adam that He is making the human species the caretaker of the world to rule over the planet. Because God also gave humans Free Will, they and not God would decide how they would rule the earth.

Types and Sources of Energy within the Human Body:
The human body is distinct from all other life forms on the planet in that once born, it can contaminate its positive Divine soul energy with both negative and dark evil energy. These energies running continuously along energy pathways in our bodies are separate from the good and bad moral choices we make in our lives. We all have encountered generally pessimistic individuals who openly “drain” us of our positive energy when we listen to them or try to help them. What we may not realize is that besides draining our positive energy, these complaining individuals are also sending us their negative energy because energy transmittal or energy reception must according to quantum physics and Newton be bidirectional. Thus one source of negative energy is pessimism.

A second source of negative energy can come from a non-believer who is also anti-spiritual. If you are a spiritual person and try to talk spirituality with non-spiritual persons, they will not only transmit their non-spiritual negative energy to you but also they will drain your positive spiritual energy. This does not include humanists who we believe are spiritual without believing in God. There are times in life when you need to help people but you need to reserve your compassion for those who wish to help themselves in a spiritual direction or, as Jesus preached, who through no fault of their own like the mentally ill or the needy can’t help themselves. Moral choices do not bring negative energy. For example rejection from another person does not bring you negative energy because this is a moral choice on the part of the person hurting you. Moral choices are separately scored by God who is judging us at all times to determine if we shall gain entrance to the future Messianic Age.

Dark evil energy is an extreme form of negative energy and can be passed to you by either the Devil or by one of his cohorts whose souls he has voluntarily or involuntary co-opted. Evil energy passage is life-threatening and has been discussed for centuries. People have used a variety of techniques to protect themselves against the “evil eye.” In some cases the transmitter of evil energy acts openly and brutally but in other instances you may not know that you are receiving this dark energy. The Devil hides these evil beings’ intentions as they appear to be all good, very likable, and even as charming as President Obama. Since the Devil is in control of our Evil Inclination to morally choose bad over good, he does not activate the Evil Inclination in his secret followers. They therefore appear as sweet as apple pie. Ironically God created the Devil and gave him his enormous evil powers as part human and part angel to ensure that we would have Free Will to choose between good and evil and between God and the Devil. The Devil is the most dangerous creature on earth and he is increasing his evil flock of followers each day.

Are there dangers in receiving energy from people who claim to help heal you? Most definitely if they are sending you a mixture of both positive and negative energy or combinations of energy that include evil energy. The latter dark energy especially can rapidly change your percentage of positive soul energy that you possess and can make you sick and even cause death. You need at least 18 percent positive soul energy to remain alive. Because energy is always a two way transmission according to the physicists, the healer will pick up negative and evil energy along the way and eventually transmit this to his next victim. We hope that you can see how the energy dynamics can change geometrically if a healer is sending mixtures of energy simultaneously over the airwaves to thousands of people scattered around the globe

There are three ways that the healer can change the percentage of negative and/or evil energy he or she is transmitting. One way is to practice Qigong and pull in and store more positive energy from the universe so that he or she can increase the positive to negative-evil ratio before transmission. The second is for the healer to find a way to protect himself from taking in negative energy from the person he is sending positive energy. An example would be to wear the red string possessing the long deceased Jewish Matriarch Rachel’s energy around your wrist or wear other religious amulets or use aromatic and essential oils as shields. However the Devil’s powerful evil energy may only be partially inhibited from entering you, or perhaps not at all, by these techniques. Certainly you don’t want to receive any “healing” energy from a healer who is Channeling, since the Devil passes his dark evil energy to the healer during the course of the false Channeling connection to the spirit world. The third way is the most desirable. Have a method of removing the negative and evil energy inside the healer before he passes his supposed healing energy onto the recipient or multitude of recipients. We have described a mechanism to eliminate both negative and evil energy from our human body in our new book that is both God-centered and scientifically based. Anyone can learn to use this technique which uses God’s Light to eliminate the negative and evil energy. We would hope that Healers apply this technique to themselves before passing on their positive energy to those in need.

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Jerry Pollock is Professor Emeritus from Stony Brook University where for thirty years he was an academic and research scientist. He holds a bachelors and masters degree in Pharmacy from the University of Toronto, a PhD in Biophysics in 1969 from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and postdoctoral training in Microbiology from New York University Medical Center. Marcia Pollock is deceased and held a Master of Arts in Special Education from C. W. Post University on Long Island. Jerry has authored Divinely Inspired, Messiah Interviews, Gog and Magog, and The Wing of the Butterfly: Memories of Marcia. In Putting God Into Einstein's Equations: Energy of the Soul, Jerry wrote from our earthly world and wife Marcia's soul suggested and confirmed from the spirit world. Please visit Amazon to peruse the paperback and kindle versions of our books. See our websites at and We are offering a Free Connect to your deceased loved ones in Heaven: