Human beings do not only have their physical anatomy, they also have an important energy anatomy. This human energy field, more often than not referred to as the aura, permeates the body and also surrounds it. The physical body of a person should be regarded as the expression of energy at the highest density level, and is only one of series of bodies which make up the energy anatomy. There are also the so-called 'subtle bodies', which are frequently referred to as emotional, spiritual and mental bodies.

There are various images and descriptions of this energy field to be found in both ancient and modern texts. These models do vary, but many, if not all, describe the human aura as being present in layers. Many traditions, though not all of them, stress the high importance of chakras, which are essentially energy centers aligned within the body, within which important energy exchanges take place. Energy healing positively influences the energy field in order to bring changes for the better into effect.

The ancient art and understanding of energy healing is currently experiencing a revival in the light of today's science. The laying on of hands, performed throughout history and by many cultures, is now being rediscovered and is being formulated into a range of healing techniques that are easily accessible to people either face to face or through remote options, such as the Internet, for example.

Since everything essentially consists of energy, all healing ultimately either directly or indirectly involves energy. The majority of applied healing methods are mainly focused on a patient's physical, emotional and mental levels of life, without any kind of recognition of the underlying deeper energy. Energy healing, on the other hand, works purely with the deeper energetic level of a human being.

Whenever there is a disturbance or an illness in a person's body, emotions or mind, those levels naturally have to be addressed. Energy healing is meant to support and complement other healing methods, rather than replacing them, because it deals with the energy the body, emotions and mind are composed of.

Because everything consists of energy patterns, working directly with this energy influences not only the physical, emotional and mental levels, but also the spiritual level of a person. This form of healing is subsequently holistic by nature and, in short, works through enhancing the energy flow and correcting or balancing disturbances within the human energy field. The improvement of energy flow in this energy field supports the body's self-healing capacity.

Energy healing is itself a part of the much more expansive, comprehensive area of energy medicine. The use of crystals, herbs, scents or sounds are all instances of energy medicine, because they contain specific vibratory patterns, which effectively influence the energy patterns at work within an individual's physiology. Energy healing is unique within energy medicine, because it involves conscious use of a healer's energy field to affect the patient's energy field.

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