Endings and beginnings are not always what they appear to be. Endings are simply disguised beginnings, it is the circle unending. Sometimes we see what we perceive as an ending in the distance like a train with its shrill whistle racing toward us down the track. We try not to look at it, thinking it will slow down or even veer off in another direction. It’s like a child who hides their face behind their hands and thinks that you can’t see them.

So we don’t look at it or we hide because we think what we see approaching is an ending. We don’t like endings, unless they are guaranteed to be happy. Yet we don’t realize that no one else writes the ending, we do, and then it becomes a beginning.The truth is we are not always sure what beginnings will mean for us because we don’t know where they will lead, again a guarantee is what we yearn for, and again, we’re the ones writing the story. However, we do prefer beginnings to endings because we view them with hope.

Some time ago I had a client who thought she heard the whistle sounding for her relationship. Was it an ending? Not really. It was a beginning, the beginning of the potential for several possibilities, many possible beginnings.
One possibility was that she might restructure the relationship by claiming her own voice and honoring her truth, instead of denying her voice in order to enable her partner’s illusions because of the fear of an ending. Another possibility was that the relationship would “end” and a new more harmonious relationship would come to fill the newly open space in her life…a beginning.

It’s up to us to decide if we view something as an ending or a beginning. We decide what it is for each of us, in each situation. Call it an ending or decide it is a beginning. We choose. We give it a name, a connotation and it becomes our reality.

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Christie Pennington is a metaphysical teacher, Channel for The Lightspeakers and intuitive Angelic consultant. She offers products and classes to assist others in self-love and empowerment.
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