Where They Go Is Up To You
I had the privilege of watching a friends farm animals while she and her family were on vacation. Never could I have imagined that we would have so much fun doing this task. A barnyard is so full of wonders and various experiences, it is a true feast to the senses.

Three of the goats on the farm had each delivered two wonderful babies before my
friend left and two more were expected to deliver after her return. On the second day of our duties I went to the barn to feed the animals and discovered one of the
expecting mothers had delivered two babies... JUST DELIVERED. She was finishing
their first bath when I arrived. What a delight!

Having never cared for newborn goats and their mother before, we gratefully and
willingly went several more times that evening and many times the next day. Of
course, we took with us anyone who wanted to see these beautiful babies. The day
was very hot so on one of my visits to check the animals, I happened to be alone and noticed that one of the structures the goats had been playing on had fallen over.

When I went to reconstruct it, I noticed that one of the babies had the misfortune to be trapped under there. I knew it couldn't have been long because I had just been there a few hours before. Unfortunately, I wasn't there soon enough to save her. What a devastating blow. And now I had to call my friend, who was just getting into her vacation to let her know about the loss.

Over the next few days I watched as the mother looked for her baby. It was very sad. I also watched as she continued to be a dutiful and loving parent to her remaining baby, never once forsaking him in her grief. I also witnessed the other goats behaving with her in what appeared to be comforting mannerisms. This unfortunate event had truly turned into an opportunity for me to witness a beautiful interaction among this herd.

Five days later the other goat delivered a set of triplets. Absolutely incredible. When we arrived for the morning feeding, we were blessed to see her cleaning off her new babies and the rest of the adult goats milling in and out of the barn to see the newest additions. The other babies were running about jumping and playing as if to celebrate new life in the barnyard. It was truly a joyous observation.
Watching this play out brought my awareness to some happenings in and around my
own life. Things that I had been witnessing and participating in. I knew enough to be paying attention to these things, being observant and taking careful mental notes, but I didn't put it all together until today.

It started a few weeks ago, three things began happening with three different people I care about. Again, I knew enough to know if I was seeing it in their lives, there was undoubtedly some parallel in mine. I decided to stay open to whatever it was and allow it to pass through with grace and ease. Two of my friends were in the position of losing their homes. Both of these people are very family oriented and their homes are the hub of the family gatherings. My other friend was having a challenging time with their recently-turned adult child and the way the child handled a gift that had come from my friend; again a family relationship situation.

The first house friend reviewed her situation, looked at her accountability and
responsibility in the whole situation and offered gratitude for what she has,
committing to do what she needed to do but also surrendering to the whole process.
Spirit tested her with a second situation involving her family and again she put things in perspective and committed to allowing Spirit to guide her in the direction of her highest and best. Things are running smoothly at this point for her.

My second house friend had been in denial for a long time about her situation but she was fast approaching the turning point, so she too, did what she could do in the moment and turned it over; however, she stayed in a semi-state of denial, continuing the same behaviors that led her to this position in the first place. She is still trusting that all will be well and the house will be saved, but other things are beginning to build and she is running out of fingers to plug the dam.

The third friend flat out refused to connect the dots and accept any sponsibility.
Very unfortunate indeed. This person is feeling neglected, rejected, lonely, unloved and is beginning to isolate himself from those who truly love him. He is currently attracting people to him that are "wanting" things from him. In his mind, his gift was rejected (a car traded in for a brand new one in the "cash for clunkers" deal going on here in the US). He was unable to see it as an incredible stepping stone for his child choosing instead to see it as the child doing everything possible to get rid of him.

Rejection is all he could feel. He cannot understand why his children only call him
when they need something. The Universe is responding to his underlying emotion by
sending him people who will truly behave in this manner with him.

It wasn't until today that I figured out how watching these situations and going
through my own were connected, and then also connected to watching this goat herd.
For the past 8 months I have been getting some very intense body work done. Initially it was for neck and shoulder problems but as all good things do, it turned into something more profound and I began releasing old emotional patterns and memoriesstored deep in my cells, specifically my muscles.

For several years now I have been practicing allowing emotions to flow through me and be a guide, not a hurdle or a captor. I considered myself getting decent at doing thisbut I didn't suspect that my practice was beginning to turn into proficiency. What a relief! Eventually it will become mastery and I will return to the divinely intended state of functioning for my emotional body.

This all comes together in how we choose to allow the emotional body to guide us.
When we are allowing emotions to be the informational beacons they are intended to
be, our situations move in and out of our awareness with more ease and grace than
when we choose to be in denial. This helps prevent the unnecessary storage of old,
unhealthy patterns in our bodies. The emotions do their job... Alert us to how it
feels... And then move through, allowing us to clear the situation and create a flow of life that continues to move gracefully.

Just like the mother goat, Sugarbelle, the Universe will surround us with love, support and the ability to move forward. There was no testing from the Universe because the goat did not have any old emotional baggage stored that got triggered by her loss, in turn beaconing to the Universe that she was choosing to stay with that vibration. My first friend made a similar decision, although she had not always made those choices, the Universe sent her what I call a confirmation situation, and she confirmed that she was letting go of the pattern. My second friend is still sending out mixed messages so the Universe is sending her mixed situations. My third friend is very clear with what he is choosing and the Universe is also very obliging.

As for me, I have been wanting to clean house. The Universe saw before I did that I
was truly ready for at least some house cleaning and that is happening for me. I am
choosing to follow Sugarbelle's lead and allow my emotions to keeping flowing
through, doing what I am prompted to do, honoring myself and my needs, and
welcoming the support the Universe sends my way.

Author's Bio: 

Lynn is an Emotional Intuitive, Channel& Wellness Consultant. Her purpose is to beacon remembrance of Freedom and Truth throughout humanity. She uses her gifts to assist others in healing their physical, emotional and mental bodies as they transition into the life they desire (www.thelightworkerscalltomastery.com).

Her background includes nearly two decades of mentoring under renowned Spiritual Nutritionist/ Counselor and Wholistic Healer, Shelley Summers, as well as five years intensive study at Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts. Lynn is certified as an Essential Eating Guide through Shelley and award-winning author, Janie Quinn She is currently studying to be a Certified Herbal Consultant with Steven Horne, Family Herbalist through The School of Natural Healing and to obtain her Doctorate in Naturopathy through Trinity School of Natural Health.

Lynn is the host of the popular internet radio show The Honoring Hour (www.thehonoringhour.com) with her co-host JR Adams. She also writes a monthly e-newsletter, Circle of Self (www.circleofself.org).